Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Yeah, I’m more worried about him being able to debuff at all than someone hurting his C/C- damage output. As I imagine many people are. I am mulling boots on him and Listell, actually. But right now my SR boots are sort of strewn about the team.

I had some weird fucking rolling on Listell gear today. Watched a 15% def 10% enchant roll on the helm go merily on it’s way. In like 90 rolls I got over 6% MDEF(which was her then enchant) once. But it was 10% mdef and like 2 atk or something. So I kept rolling, and wound up switching to 2% MDEF with. . . 15% DEF 10% Life. I figured the dip in damage was probably worth the overall tankiness gain but IDK. Can’t believe I rolled that set of enchants twice. Ledin was looking on mournfully.

Gratz on the second Oath. I got a Yggdrasil branch last week, I guess it will go to Vargas.

10-2 elite done! It was close.

6* Tiaris was a factor but I’m not sure Sophia wouldn’t have been preferable, for more act agains and chivalries. Still, it takes some RNG luck during the beachhead section. I stuck with Elwin. I found Luna was struggling a bit once I crossed the river/before I got to Fera (where she woul have been great I’m sure).

Ok, Slepnir is tough, but he’s pretty interesting mechanically. Just hard to deal damage to him, I was still on first phase until something like turn 8, no clue how some of the achievements are possible. Doesn’t help that my Leon’s a runt and I don’t have great units built for it. (too bad @Left_Empty left, his spirit boots team would have done well!)

That said, I’m glad I held off runing Olivier, he’s usually too busy throwing bombs and other stuff to actually DPS, I don’t think 2 runes into bard to unlock his 5th bonds would help that much.

Wa today has been an unmitigated disaster. I think I’m about to hit 2-7 or something.

It’s been a couple of different things. A series of of 1k+ int mage teams. Me being bad. Two dudes with noticably better teams than me (which is sort of scary considering where I am) who played ultra conservatively for no discernable reason (dude had a post deploy Cherie with 1300 attack and twice wouldn’t attack unguarded targets with her). An unending parade of Listell Bullshit. A couple of bad Bozel silence rolls on my side while the other guy got good ones. An Omega with 395 skill. And series of Bozel’s with 700+ post deploy mdefs (I can only dream).

One of my wins was against a level 58 account.

Yeah, world arena is a trainweck, I wouldn’t spend any more time than necesary on it. Mostly just enough ranking points to stay top 100 (so one or two wins a week) and then the rest I just trade wins on casual.

That’s usually round what I do. I figured sonce I decayed down to 1100 and change I would be ok to do some today. I did ok on Tuesday two weeks ago.

What I did not account for, I suspect, is all the people who decayed last week because of the holliday. So I assume the glut of “hi we’re all 30k+ accounts” people who start pummeling me at the high 1200s/1300s are probably now down in the 1100s.


I tried Sleipnir and it didn’t go well. I didn’t take the right team though. Also, I totally forgot that you need to keep moving in the first phase (well, maybe both phases) to do proper damage.

I have been unable to do better than a D on Sleipnir. Another fight I’m not quite able to field a proper team for. I also struggle some on what to do after getting sucked in. As in trying to create the optimal scenariop where everyone can move enough to overcome the damage resistance. Also, my damage output isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Bears further looking at. Leon and Luna will do like 50k combined when alpha striking (chivalry, etc). Was hoping for a little more.

Weapon gatcha this week was, uh, shit I am not sure. Devil Axe, I think another Goddess Left hand (or else I snagged that from a Sunday dragon), and I can’t even remember the third (or even the second and third, heh). It wasn’t Purgatory. Sadly I missed the spirit from the mini event (I didn’t realize it had started before leaving on Thursday).

I managed to do SS5 this week (yay), and got a Holy Ark (not as much yay; I guess I’ll max the one Listell is using). Picked up another pair of the SR boots from eq accessory box. Can’t have too many of those. Pushing through SSS (on SSS2 currently), hoping to finish. Like everyone else I could use the runestones.

Yeah, Slepnir is definitely the toughest so far. My Elwin will be 6s (my 4th 6 SSR!) tomorrow so I’ll try again then. He’s not really well suited for the fight but he’ll probably be better than a 5* Bern. I did it with Apex boots last run but I think Spirit boots would be better even with the ATK hit.

Grats on SS5! SSS5 isn’t much worse, except for the fixed damage immunity which might not matter if you don’t coast on Luna’s FB like I do.

Seems like move again would be super helpful in phase 2, favoring spirit boots. I somehow completely overlooked Elwin being eligible for this fight so I am going to try him at some point tomorrow.

Oh I got a Blue Moon as my other gacha.

I am stuck on SSS2 right now. You start on the ship, enemy on right side (and aggro), >50% health they take 50% phys damage, 50% magic below that. I got kind of close - down to 1 mob left but I couldn’t avoid losing my second character. I was running sans healers but I will switch up and try doing something like Ledin, Elwin, Lana, Bozel, Healer and see if that makes the difference (I was using Leon but I’m not sure I like him in the fight). All the enemy healers are a real pain since they undo all the aoe damage I was trying to heap on in the first few rounds. I only managed to seal one of them at any given point in the fight.

Another 4 currency event (yikes). There’s people on reddit saying you can get a Yggdrasil Wreath as a reward for one of the challenge maps. I got Broken Star and a Carbon Fiber Helm for the first day SSR items.

I heard something similar about Christmas Apex boots, will believe it when I see it.

Sank 50 on the yeless banner so far with nada, guess I will save the pity rate draw for collab. if it carries over.

got almost to B+ on Slepnir but around turn 16 he just one shots my Olivier with his unavoidable AOE, need to sink some bonds on him. Now I’m grateful that his Prince tree opens his 4th bond, not 5th! No chance of my team to reach A though I just dont do enough damage.

SSS4 is killing me. >50% hp, 50% reduced phys damage (etc). You start central in the graveyard with the town below, surrounded by ranged enemies and cavalry. So far I can’t keep Ledin alive (and that’s even assuming he doesn’t get cursed by the skeleton archer asshole). I never even get to a point where I can start trying to aoe and finish stuff.

I’m going to try going on the offensive.

Maybe Ledin + Landius combo? Dunno if you can position it so Ledin guards the cav and Landius guards the ranged.

Good news: seems like the rumors about a free wreath is true! see link. Bad news: if it follows CN, it will be locked behind a 65 challenge. (Good news? doesn’t seem too bad from the link above. Nothing ridiculous like Lightless requirem. Probably don’t want to piss people off at Christmas time.)

I did it!

I used 2* Leon to erase the Skele archer. He was the biggest problem. Them we turtled just above there (avoiding attacks from the right side archer and the bottom cav), with two healers able to keep Ledin from being mobility debuffed (and I finally got a Ygg proc on him too late in the fight for it to matter, lol). Bozel + Lana proceeded to Aoe, and Leon picked off someone every round, focusing on the archers. If it came to it, I left Bozel out of guard position because he’s kind of sturdy and nobody could kill him in one go.

On to SSS final!

Saw some discusison on reddit of setting up 3 nukers and enjoying the fight. But I’m dubious that I could pull that off (Lana, Bozel. . . Rachel? Seems like I have to get Rachel buffed there for this to work). I reallocated some Shelf resources to Rachel to make the latter pretty good, at th3e expense of the former. The good news is a second Miracle Staff dropped so Shelf has it. But it’s still 20. I have some spirits though, so I’ll probably drop some in.

Don’t think I can maneuver Leon over to kill Matthew. So I guess I’ll go for Evil Rachel on round one.

Note that the SSS final is non aggro until you enter their range… attack on turn 2 or 3 and getting Leon over there shouldn’t be that big a deal. (Though note that the rest of them still hit very, very hard, even without the faction buff! It’s an easier-side SSS5 for sure, though not as easy as reddit implied, IMO.)

Yeah I see that now. I tried going for Tiaris but that didn’t work out so well. Landius will guard Matthew though. Agreed that this isn’t easy (although I’m sure it is relatively speaking); that Ledin is sort of insane. And surviving Rachel has been problematic (going to try landing a silence from Bozel). She often ends the fight with arcane blast.

The good news is the two uber tanks will guard first turn, but Matthew will move up and fbuff. That means silencing Rachel leaves you without much to worry about on the first enemy move.

Tried Bozel (buff, quake, passive for silence ofc), Lana, Rachel, Ledin, Tiaris.

I was. . . close I guess. I wound up with Ledin, Landius, and Rachel alive.c But the latter came off silence and I could not re-silence her. But I was also fortunate. Bozel silenced everyone on the quake, so they just charged me and this included Tiaris getting into melee range with a target. So I did a bunch of damage defensively but I have been unable to replicate that since.

Even without Fusion Rachel’s damage was pretty good. But none of it matters if evil Rachel gets her aoe off. And I couldn’t stop it (finishing Landius required too many people). Tried swapping in Shelf for Rachel but that went worse. Think Bozel buff was important. But that leaves him with only one aoe silence. And Shelf might not be strong enough to make this work. I don’t think I have another reliable silence and blackhole RNG doesn’t seem like a good approach.

I feel like I just gave birth to an angry velociraptor. But I beat SSS final.

Firstly, I figured out how to bait Tiaris (and not kill Ledin).

Bozel needs to earthquake Ledin, lined up below him (at max range). Good Ledin should move SE of Bozel and guard (I needed to fbuff first turn of course). And Good Tiaris absolutely h ad to cast Miracle.

Rachel moves straight down (NE of Bozel) and takes a massive bite out of Ledin but can’t kill him. Tiaris also prioritses Ledin but can only move adjacent to attack (4 squares south), and does. Ledin is healing after all of this (thanks 6* Tiaris) and is in ok shape to tank the rest of the crew. This assumes a 5x silence.

Next turn, you need to get Evil Tiaris out of th eway, literally. Ledin moves west and Leon obliges. This is also critical: Bozel needs to get a seal off on Blackhole or else the plan falls apart. M ine did. Landius is a problem though, next to Rachel. But we’lre going to fix his wagon. I use Lana to eat his first life, and he kills himself in enemy phase on Ledin. Rachel will still kill someone unless Ledin is guarding, so I had to make sure to shuffle everyone just so. What an asshole she is. Matthew kills himself on Ledin too. I could not use redbuff on Leon this turn, because I had to heal Ledin.

This left Rachel and a silenced evil Ledin who can’t guard unless Rachel stands next to him. Which he sets up, but Leon + Lana (I ran all single target) take care of him quite easily (1000 hooves too, just to be sure). That leaves a still silenced rachel. Cavalried + now red buffed Leon and then Lana Scythe from range 3 and that wa sall it took.

I actually had a previous attempt go down to the wire. In this one, I figured out how to bait Tiaris. I got it down to 4 vs a beat up (and down his extra life) Landius but I screwed up and ran out of clocks. That was frustrating. The winning attempt didn’t go quite the same. I couldn’t survive Rachel’s regular attack without Miracle but I swear in the previous attempt I could. Go figure.

Well we server merged. One was younger than Cellier, and guessing the other was older because Testarossa dropped to 16 in WA ranking (although that’s a points thing, he could have a stronger account I know). Not sure how it’s going to impact the rest of PVP yet. I dropped to 106 in WA rankings.

I got a second slayer emblem from the event SSR box and I’m done farming the bond mats.

Also some guys team of 1k+ mages is about to trounce me in WA I think.

I am on your server now, then! I dropped a ton in both WA and AB. Not thrilled that they did this now at the almost-end of an AB cycle instead of at the beginning. I guess the difference between 11-100 and 101-500 is barely anything, but just on principle it feels shitty.