Langrisser Mobile is Awesome


I forgot to answer that: it’s a very bad pun about someone dear to Tom and others.
So far, a single person cared to tell it had gotten it in-game.


Roger Ebert the film critic I got it! Yes because he was snobby like an egghead.


Just ground out the Dark Guard for Bernhardt. Leon (Angels), Altemueller (Gargoyles) and Bernhardt (Dark Guard) are now loaded with their ideal troops. Super excited to take them for a spin. Hopefully can cleanup some timeless trials and time rifts.


For pve, I found the vampire bats more effective than Angels, as you can make sure to not be countered, and the life on attack bonus associated with Leon’s amazing offense makes for incredible sustainability: he doesn’t need a healer anymore!


I will have to try that. I haven’t mastered strike master yet… Still working on Royal knight. Currently blocked by stupid time rift missions


I suggest you max Strike Master first: it’s got Chivalry, which is really an absolute necessary skill for Leon (and one of the best skills overall in the game, in my opinion) and the toothy bats.


I went Royal Knight, because at the time, I wanted his fusion power. I will jump back over there soon however :)


Just be aware that Chivalry overrides your empire faction buff, so if you buff first, then Chivalry, you’ll only get your +atk for 2 turns (Chivalry duration)

(Not sure whether you get to keep the other parts of the faction buff for the full 4 turns - always been meant to check)


Has anyone figured out who these dumb autoers in joint battles are? Possibilities:

  1. 10 year olds.
  2. People who are lazy and have unlimited stamina.
  3. People dual boxing on emulators.

no need for emulators: the game is on PC. the bots are actually simple scripts i think, who just lay out the units then hit the auto button of the game. I talked with one of them, and the guy is doing it for the number pursuit, nothing else.
I find them much less aggravating than the turtle copycatting that is plaguing the Japanese version (and hopefully we will stay clear of it): basically 90% of the players there run a turtle ultra defensive game, not moving from their zone, excepting only to do some probe attacks with Leon for instance. The counter is very easy, I figured: set up camp in center, and wait for the 4th turn ongoing engulfing fire, while they try desperately to find a spot to survive. but it makes for a very, very boring multiplayer experience.

edit: ah you meznt joint battles. the people there are usually not bots, they are just people at work who cant pay too much attention in my experience ;)


I run joint battles at about 10 levels below my power (lvl 38 right now)and I auto a lot of time because I’m usually doing something else that requires my attention and don’t have time to watch an idiot go get his face smashed


I’ve stopped running joint battles entirely. Not sure they’re worth it (except maybe the bond materials one?) For either hammers or equipment I’m probably better off farming dragons on my own (not sure if it’s possible to drop SSR equipment at below lvl 58 on joint battles…if it is, that would change my mind.)


The daily bonus is nice enough, but they sure pale in comparison to the Goddess Trial’s drops.


Guilty of auto-ing too. But i only auto on the normal Secret Realm where i know my guys can just win.
Only wish the auto button was a little bit larger, it is sometimes hard to hit that button when driving (i know it’s wrong, but on a not busy highway with no cars in front of me the risk is minimal)


Okay I accept all your explanations! I was frustrated because I kept failing joints last night. I ended up going down to 43 (I am 53) so I could solo the map when the other autoers died.

I fully understand autoing any aniki or even dragons when you have buff.

On rolling! 60 tickets, got myself a tiaris! Now I have Liana and Tiaris both uber healers. I have too many healers. That’s all I have. I have 5 healers to bring to guild battles.


After a rash of bad luck the RNG finally smiled on me. I had 21 10x rolls saved up, was totally going to rage quit again if I didn’t get at least 2 non dupe heroes from the current banner. Miraculously got Tiaris and Luna after 50 (+ bonus Lanford!), was quite expecting to get 2x Dieharte out of the 210.

re: joint battles, I always autoed the demon one after the first group, I autoed the empire if I felt confident but it’s bad form to auto the escort mission or the defense IMO.


You got Tiaris AND Luna??? Was it the same roll? I stop rolling after I get a banner SSR.

Next week is very good for Princess:

May 2nd - May 15th

  1. Storm of Magic(Focus) : Bozel + Lana + Shelfaniel

edit: Yeah I was doing the Jessica waterfall map where Bozel is at the end. That’s a tough one. Left flank has 2 nasty cav (Leon), right flank has that fat evil empire sword dude.


What is the etiquette for grouping here?

I typically figure that if I’m the highest ranked player, then I run my highest ranked heroes. If I’m the lowest ranked, then I try to bring support/healers.

Still, I see plenty of folks come in right at the level limit and try to be a damage dealer


I got Luna + Lanford in one roll, and then got Tiaris 4 rolls later. I would normally stop after one SSR on a banner but I really needed both Luna and Tiaris (been running glory+factionless Lana) My luck really was quite wretched before this, out of the 8 SSRs I had rolled 3 were dupes (I think 2 of them were off banner)

Yeah, Leon is pretty dangerous on that waterfall map, I wouldn’t auto if I was on the left side until I dispatch him. I find the right side pretty safe to auto if you outlevel the enemies by ~5 levels or so.


I want Luna and Lana so I can princess!