Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

So Scylla 70 was surprisingly easy, one shot it with a Matthew/Elwin/Yulia/Liana/Tiaris/crappy Cherie team. Well, still took a full 15 turns and got quite tense near the end there, so maybe not easy, except in hindsight.

Phoenix on the other hand, ugh. Tried 5 or 6 times probably, got him down to ~100k health a few times but kept running out of turns or units. Hopefully lvl70 units next week will make the difference. Luckily sweeping 65 still gave me the moon.

I was juuuuust short on damage for Scylla on the first try, under 50K, with a team that had basically two blanks (Elwin/Yulia/Narm/Liana/Jugler/Joshua). Actually, Jugler was pretty useful, since he can whack the small spawns, eat fully buffed Horror without caring too much, and get in a few legit hits with Beast Shock. Joshua was a best-of-bad-choices thing, though, and didn’t contribute even to the level of my very low expectations. I’ve been pumping resources into Matthew and hope to get it done with him tomorrow… or at worst, this weekend once I have his 3C awakening.

Valk non-Listell went very smoothly on Monday with a built-up Vargas. Phoenix on Sunday was a mess, though I only had a little time to play with it. (Sundays in general aren’t great, especially when I’m already scrounging time to do the JB.) I think I need to get more aggressive with atk-down debuffs to offset no-Tiaris; it’s definitely doable, just need to think it through.

Got up to an A+ in H&M (without the rewinds I think I’d have stuck on A - getting that value!)… looks like I’m going to slide just out of the top 100 for the cycle. Goals for next time, for sure.

I thought about using Narm for Scylla since I still had her geared from H&M, too bad there’s no way to turn off her talent though, which guarantees a debuff. Matthew has been a good investment, he was good in Scylla and Phoenix and the last few event challenges. Also it’s pretty damn impressive that you’re doing all this boss content without Tiaris.

Phoenix was a lot of experimentation, and the forgetting the results and repeating the same mistakes. Matthew with 1 stack of Molten can attack with attack blessing (-50% received damage on attack) while Elwin with Phalanx can’t attack with one stack, even though he has almost twice the defense and more health (I can see why after the fact, but not intuitive) I burned through rewinds like crazy, and then have none left when the Shika mage runs from the bottom in one round and nukes everyone. ugh. I might try Luna next week with her 3c, maybe it’ll help run down the adds easier. I’ll have to run a suboptimal Alte for his buff though.

The funny thing about Tiaris is that for the longest time I was annoyed at not having Healing Light, but now I’m annoyed at not having ATK blessing and Miracle. There are ways to get 80 or 90 percent of the passive healing on most of these fights, but all of that +% damage in one package is… less easily replaceable, not to mention the damage reduction on attack. And there have been several very tight DPS checks lately (Light and Dark, and at least a couple of these temples). Matthew and ATK command should help with some of that (especially since my Lanford isn’t built).

I can definitely see rewinds like crazy for Phoenix. Someone on reddit said that their Rachel was absolutely tearing things up as long as she didn’t get the random debuff; I didn’t even think to try that, but it’s probably where I’ll go next. Also considering a heavy Strat team along the lines of what you’re talking about with Luna/Alte, which would probably also lead me into a Vargas tank situation, with battle cry for debuffing.

Yeah, not sure why I gave up on Rachel early, I should try her again since Tiaris/Liana had their hands full keeping everyone healed up and didn’t have time to act again/atk blessing. Maybe I’ll try Matthew’s 3c instead; the shadow can tank a hit when necessary, and wonder if the shadow can take out the adds on his own.

Also mwhaha, I know who you are now! I just like to spy on people’s top 5 :)

Change my account name, erase my internet footprint, burn my house down, move to northern Canada. Got it!

Scylla was very clean today with a mostly-built-but-definitely-not-done Matthew in place of Joshua - had a full turn to spare. His personal damage would have made the difference even without ATK command, but with it was just a huge boost.

Lately, I’ve been running a “fuck it, nukes” pvp comp of Ledin, Liana, Lana, Bozel, Rachel (no fbuff at this time, but she’s still great). I haven’t been doing a ton of pvp because I’m super busy at work and I hate it anyway.

I can’t remember the last time I watched Ledin guard on auto. A lot of people are doing “kill 2 in 5 rounds” or whatever so fights are short. But in two turns he rarely guards and this is driving me fucking crazy, especially since Rachel tends to be the anti-benefactor of this behavior and gets killed by Leon or someone. He won’t guard even when, on turn 1, it’s obvious that the enemy can get to my people (I move the mages first 3 turns, then Ledin, then Liana).

On turn #2 he’s been using whcihever offensive skill a lot. My dude, you are not tehre to kill shit. Just guard Rachel and let the AoEs do the rest.

Ha :) Though most people’s (like mine) top 5 are pretty samey, starting off with ye boring olde Bozel. Except @peacedog, who doesn’t have/use? Bozel at all.

EDIT- just saw that he does use Bozel in the post above, heh.

Grats! I unlocked Matthew’s 3c, which would have been really good for Scylla, to kill adds tank horror and provide atk command. It does leave OG Matt pretty squishy though (4something k health) so might be too low for phoenix.

Why not use Landius instead of Ledin? That way Rachel gets buffed as well.

Share your sentiments on WA, but looking forward to Apex returning. I’m down to 13 bundles of SSR scrolls.

Still don’t feel like he’s quite ready. He got about 6 weeks of thorn scrolls thrown at him from the gear shop and I managed to eek out like a couple of percents of upgrades across his gear. This was extremely depressing.

FWIW my “classic” team was Ledin, Elwin, Tiaris/Liana (depending on what I was up to), Leon, and Bozel. I have probably used Bozel in PVP as much as anyone who isn’t Ledin.

I think I am going to take Liana out of this team because it just gets Lana killed typically (that’s who Lian a agains). Granted, Lana often gets a kill (aoe and then if a ranged attacker goes for the enemy, they typically die to my fbuffed Lana). But I think I would rather wait on the full aoe extravaganza anyway.

The YYH event is no frills, which is nice. But I’m surprised at its. . . simplicity.

You should run Landius/Bozel/Omega/Zerida/Listell :)

Apparently the copyright holder for YYH didn’t want them to use their characters in a story or something…which given the quality of their previous collab stories, is understandable.

That’s so weird. but it certainly explains the barebones nature of the event.

I literally just got Omega properly wardstoned. I mean, he had some: attack and skill for PVP, some skill and health/defesive stuff for pve. But I had zero shadow attack stones for PVE until the last cycle ended, and I got him some skill upgrades there to boot. Pretty big boost for him overall, even though it’s just +43 attack from the regular and 30 on PVP. He’s at 800 paper doll attack and 341 skill. Probably pvp ready even though his actual enchants are mostly shit (+12% on the ullrs).

Watching finals right now, missed most of the matches leading up (kept forgetting).

Lemons’ Bozel is sort of terrifying. Also seeing the 3dot skills at work has been interesting.

I caught a bit of it while cooking earlier. Pretty interesting, Lemons definitely had the whale power going for him - I noticed the reason he wasn’t using alhazard Zerida was that his bandits had about 1200 atk – about 200 more than Zelda’s. Didn’t get to see the 3c skills or check out the scary Bozel, will go back later. Seems like Lemons won the pick/ban portion both times though - Listell not as scary when you have bracers on everyone.

I caught pieces of probably 3-4 Zeldam matchups over the last few weeks - I kept ending up on the wrong side of bets against him until the last one, as I backed a lot of underdogs - and this is probably cocky but I… wasn’t impressed? It mostly seemed like he was exploiting his whale position after losing more drafts than not. Not shocked that he got blown out by a bigger whale.

Went from B+ to S on Nidhogg. Thanks, level 70 and clock! Also, I saved up something like 3.5 million gold over the weekend between the event, general Sunday/Monday stuff, and a heavy bet on lemons, and then spent it all in under a minute on troop training. More meat and potatoes improvements, so much less fun than enchants.

Grats on Nidhogg! Hopefully we get the score saving next cycle, apparently China got it with the Mystery Knight/Virash update which should be next month.

Well, to Zeldam’s credit, he ran a more interesting roster than Lemons did, but the less “meta” picks (Estelle and Bern) didn’t end up working so well.

Rachel ended up being MVP in Phoenix, I should have stuck with her earlier. I ran a protag team of Rachel/Elwin/Landius/Matthew/Liana/Tiaris, Rachel and Elwin did most of the damage, Landius mostly to take a molten or two and then intercept adds. I did it with Matthew’s 3c, and it was…okay. You can’t attack Phoenix with the clone since the Phoenix has pretty high attack priority, so he just stood there as an Atk Command Pylon and sword danced for the heal block off cooldown. He did survive the AoEs fine though, and took a few Moltens for the team.

I just started playing this a few days ago and have no f’ing clue what you good people are talking about. Just trying to finish the daily stuff so I can get this Cherie individual.

Ha, it’s all endgame/PvP talk. Go get that Cherie!

I picked up Hiei without a massive amount of pain today (which is to say I had a few tickets left to throw at the Shelf banner and get… an off-banner Betty); hopefully everyone else was similarly lucky in their pursuit of our new PvP god.