Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Why wouldn’t I pull SSR items from the equipment store with orichalcum? Once I get an item that I want/need, then I get the epic spirits

I guess you aren’t getting items. Meanwhile I’m sitting here with lots of items needing 6 months worth of spirits.

I do ore pulls for disappointment 3x every week. It was bloody melody/nighthawk/Ygg branch this week. I’ve gotten 3 ygg branches from ore pulls so far, too bad I don’t use Vargas.

Just got another off the 52 event.

Well, I’m jealous

Regarding the bond upgrade thingies that give bonuses to troops and heroes. . . when it says “+x% to all troops”, does it mean all of the heroes troops or literally “all troops”? I assumed the former but the Bond Level 10 upgrade is “+x% something to all heroes”, which I found odd.

I summoned Chris but I won’t have enough vouchers to summon again for a few days.

It’s all the stats for that one hero, and/or the troops under that hero.

Just in case, I tested the central matthew one, it only affects Matthew :p

By “all” I think they mean ATK and DEF and HP etc etc

Well, the event challenge maps are brutal. I can’t even beat the first one

That’s bad to know! That unique Elwin sword was looking Shiny.

Yes they are insane. I suggest trying the Geier one, which is just hilariously outrageous.

Your heroes basically need to be fully geared and fully bonded to have a shot. My level 60 Bernhardt and Leon (both around 4.5k power) just got wiped out by the level 70 mobs

Thanks to all the dragging from @wisefool, I’ve got this month’s Guild Runestone and I’m 2/3 to next month (also I may have purchased a few class upgrade mats).

I managed to get down to 3 units left to kill on the first of the new challenge maps. No hope to clear it, though. I wished Ledin was one of my main right now.
I got Joshua and Estelle (my whole 140 gold tickets, both on the last two batches), and this comforts me into thinking the guys designing this game really nailed their stuff, as they quite feel… well, as they should feel, I guess. That means Joshua is crazy feeble and probably only meant for pvp or mage killing.

I got an Estelle, it so happens she’s Glory, my faction. Not sure what to do with her. For sure master both paths. Maybe use it as the fifth of my team?

My team is

Ledin, Elwin, Cherie, Healer.

For fifth sometimes I use tiaris, narn, or hein.

Problem is I got Ledin relatively recently so I’m still working on getting them up there. Ledin’s at 3 stars, Tiaris just got 4 stars.

So I spent about 150 draws on the new banner, got Joshua … and 2x LANA. That makes it about 6 times I’ve drawn Lana in total. Seriously.

On the bright side, I’m almost at a new runestone since my Lana’s been 6 stars for a while now. The conversion rate kind of sucks though.

This game is vicious like that.

I did get an SSR from a lvl 52 mission, finally. And it is a great one! The Extreme Magic Bow! The problem? I don’t have any archers or assassin’s in rotation, lol

Nice! So many characters want that bow you’ll eventually need it. I suddenly have Joshua, a newly 5 star Feraqua and Luna all vying for the one bow, and Luna doesn’t really share gear well with others.

I got Estelle too. I’m not sure where she fits yet, but I’m going to bring her up to the main leveling group.

I’ll give up an eye-tooth [1] for that. OMG!

[1] I’ve got spares sitting in a jar anyway.

You’re probably better of investing in Ledin for a PvE tank, though from what I hear she does decent AoE damage. I felt that AoEs were pretty useless PvE early/midgame, though I ended tackling a lot of the later timeless trials through Lana/Bozel AoEs and letting the mobs crash into the Ledinwall.