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Nobody wants to fight your OP AOE builds!

Oh, I started Rift 9. Do I keep going? I’ve been using my stamina on events, when I have spare I farm the 8 elite because those give class upgrade and bond upgrade stuffs.

That’s the one challenge I’ve yet to finish. For most of the other maps the NPCs can pretty much carry you (maybe less so with the Geier map? Had the luxury of a good Lana and Luna for that one) but the Ledin one seems the toughest and the most dependent on the quality of your own units.

Do the challenges refresh each week? I haven’t done them yet because you guys are saying they are too hard. I can barely do the 55 temples.

Yeah, you’ll want to keep going, especially since you can get a nice SSR weapon in a chest in 10-8! Also, all the good bond items are in 10 elite.

There’s a substantial difficulty spike from 10-2 (normal) onwards though.

I think they’re here to stay, and I don’t think they refresh. I assume they’ll add more challenges as time goes on.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th maps (and maybe 2nd?) are more puzzle maps and should be doable for most level 60 players. I did the 4th +all trophies with a 3.2k power Egbert (it was kind of a pain though)

What’s you guys’ take on the new character special uniques?

I was aiming for Imelda’s helm… until I got Klose and figured she was doing it much, much better with her skill!
Dieharte’s helm sounds a bit broken for pvp (not as broken as Odin’s battlegarb, mind you, that item ruins in it unilaterally, but thank God it’s very rare). Elwin’s sword looks great to make him even more invincible at hunting dragons, but I don’t know that character well.

I went for Elwin’s sword since I’m hoping that once I build him up I’ll be able to tackle the higher level temples. Dieharte’s helm sounds good, but I don’t have him and hopefully I won’t get him in the next banner. Imelda’s seem pretty strong as well as it supposedly negates the downside from her talent, but I’ll be hard pressed to fit her in a team over Tiaris or Liana (soon…)

Going for Lana’s armor next. Some of the Trails challenge maps seem to give a good chunk of the game tokens, so hopefully it won’t be long.

So when I started, I didn’t think it would keep my interest all that long and paid no attention to stats etc, upgrading things and wasting resources willy nilly. I just used the auto equip for weapons and upgraded whatever the characters were given. Now that Im level 50 Im trying to correct that. But, to be honest, my eyes glaze over when trying to pick out in my mountain of gear what is best for who. Anyone have advice, or know of a good guide that lists the best and worst weapons? Or this the auto equip function for SS gear mostly good enough? Or! Do I need to actually put more effort into this to win?

No, autoequip is bad for your main characters.

Enchants are pretty simple. Rough sea for your DPS, clock for your magic guys…

Use the PC client, post some pics so you don’t have to type it out. Your availiable gear, and 5 main guys

Ok for casters:

INT, Heal/AOE/Single target dmg.
Armor: HP HP HP, don’t use the DEF or MDEF ones.

DPS: atk atk atk

Tanks: well these guy s actually get hit in melee, so DEF//HP are all good.

Some like Elwin want Atk and Def and HP, they are unkillable and dish out the damage as well.

Here’s some guides on items:

You’ll probably have to put in effort if you want to go through most of the content, but the good thing is that you’re not penalized much for investing in gear that you’ll outgrow. When you break items down you get all the hammers and gold back. The only thing that you won’t get back fully is Marital Spirits.

I usually take a look at these two pages when I want a gut check on a new SSR item:

Thanks guys. Appreciate the replies, I’ll check those out.

Level 38. I am no longer able to easily upgrade gear (I’ve been using N and R gear for it as I finally ran out of hammers), and have more gear I would like to upgrade and I still seem to be stat lagging when facing level 36-38 creatures in rifts/story missions/events (which are level 37; I can do some). Secured Nighthawk from a side mission, it’s level 20. Not going to upgrade it’s stars though (not yet, anyway, maybe down the road).

Last 3 batches of Trinity Card summons were duds. I did get some shards that will be useful eventually but I can’t upgrade any stars on anyone just yet and got no new interesting characters.

Nighthawk is considered trash, I alchemy mine.

BTW 20 pt SSR is around 35 pt SR.

Don’t worry about lagging, yeh, I lagged like 10 levels for a while. You are probably at the point you need to unlock Tier 2/3 troops.

Well I think I will alchemy mine then and get those hammers back.

I’m not sure what counts as “tier 2” troops. I have elite lancers (e.g.) but generally no better. I am getting closer to whatever the next infantry (next class upgrade for Ledin) is and after that I can get Phalanx (the one after), I assume those are tier 3. Estelle can actually get Phalanx the next upgrade. But the next class upgrass for me are the first pip in the “max” class on this branch of the tree and the mats are a way off it seems.

First tier 3 troops are likely to be the ones you get for class upgrade at level 40, unless you’ve really hit the training grounds hard.

If you look at the Soldiers tab, to the right of the name of the troop, there is a little shield-shape with a I, II, or III in it - that is the troop tier. Each tier has roughly similar base stats (though some are still much better than others due to the secondary boosts/abilities), and it’s a big power jump from 2 to 3.

Gah I never even noticed that shield before. That’s helpful. Yeah I have T2s and am pushing towards T3s.

Some reading suggests that Frostrend, the SSR sword you get for hitting level 40 in the current event, isn’t that highly regarded either. Seems I’ll use it a little but transmute it much later.

Frostrend isn’t a horrible weapon. It is a pretty decent early SSR. I wouldn’t scrap it right now.

Yah I said I’d scrap it down the road :P The guide listed earlier recommends investing 1-2 SSR star upgrade orb thingies max into it.

Also I just looked and I have 2000 N xp potions haha.

Frostend is one of the 3 SSR weapons I currently use.

SSR guide suggests keep 1-2, I do not regret leveling it to 50 simply because it’s not like you have OTHER SSRs to level up early on.

After I got 60 and was able to regularly farm 55+ dragons, then other SSRs start trickling in.

Frostend is usable by swordmen + cav and I have lots of swordmen.