Langrisser Mobile is Awesome


Well I’ll keep plugging then. I’ll hit 77k in a couple of days. In fact I think I’ll go ahead and do another 100 stamina today.

Yeah, keep going. You will want the ore, the voucher, the heart keys, etc.

I’m at 79,800 on that event. I hope you fare better than I did on your SSR pulls :(

I got my 2nd True cross and my 5th (!!) Ygg branch from the event.

Haven’t hit the last SSR yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be my 7th Aeneas helm.

(All will be forgiven Langrisser if you give me Liana within, say, 50 pulls)

Purgatory and now Holy Arc for the accessory. So not great. So it goes.

Should I even bother tossing the Arc onto Ledin? I won’t level it past 20 at this point in any case.

Yeah, doesn’t hurt to use it for the time being until you get King’s Amulet for free at level 50

Draupnir and another Frostrend for me. At least Frostrend gives me a ‘free’ upgrade for the weapon

Waiting patiently for Blood Sword or Seal Guardian.

On the server most of us are, Celliar Lake, there is one single whale with a PVP oriented team — and he stands high and above everybody else. You really only meet Bozel based pvp teams everywhere. I met a few non-whale PVP dedicated teams as well, but those hardly posed much treats without maxed gear.

The arc is one of my favourite accessories, and it sure could fit well Ledin… if Ledin wasn’t one-shotting most of the lunatics foolish enough to attack him ;)
I like to put mine on my spellcasters: in my experience, it helps them sustain damage quite a lot (they get hurt a lot, so they hurt a lot back, and since usually they are killed because their troops can’t deal counter damage, I am guessing it benefits them and their survivability quite a lot).
That’s in the case they end up out of your tank’s perimeter for some reason, of course, so it’s very circumstancial but still an endearing little accessory.

My guildmate Avrae was saying yesterday he almost beat Nani.

I read where there’s a strategy on using it with Bozel in PVP because of the reflect (also some other stuff). As I’m still “growing”, I don’t really have those sorts of considerations. I actually had those mobility boots on Ledin. They’re on Lewin now.

Unless I am missing something, that doesn’t sound like a strategy, but like a suicide! Nevertheless, the accessory is a very nice fit on Listell, and quite nice on Bozel and bow wielding Luna I guess because of its stats.

I got Rachel and a bunch of garbage, unless Varna isn’t garbage.

120 draws in, no SSRs. Second to last draw when I finally snag the one I’ve been waiting for… Tiaris!

I was about ready to throw my phone across the room.


Someone(s) answer me a few questions regarding the draws under a Banner like this:

  1. It’s just the likelyhood of specific SSR Banner heroes being drawn if an SSR draw is rolled, not a higher chance for SSR draw?

  2. There’s no reason for me not to keep drawing assuming I want another hero from the banner correct (and setting aside whether I might prioritize a hero in a future but soon banner)? I don’t think I’ll get that many more chances at it, granted.

I have moved Rachel into “the team”.

There’s three types of banners… one is 100% guaranteed to be one of the three. The ledin one was the 80% one of being one of the three. I forget what the third is.

If (get SSR) and if (not gotten SSR this time) then xxx

Did anyone else get a bunch of goblin keys or did I forget to do goblins for 2 days?

They added some new challenge achievements for killing 200/400/etc Goblins, each tier gives a key, and they count retroactively. You’re not crazy.

(Also: I scrounged together one more 10-pull last night and got Estelle, against most odds. Not sad! Now just to try to get Tiaris out of this banner easily enough to save up some pulls for the next Trails crossover…)

Oh, thank you.

Grats on Tiaris! I think ~120 without a SSR is around my longest SSR drought period as well. I got my guaranteed Liana today after 80 pulls, which is not great, not terrible, but like @Kyrios I nabbed Estelle near the end, so not sad either.

The Nightmare dragon seems pretty ugly. Maybe I’ll give it a better go once I get Liana to 4* to deal with the debuffs. For now I’ve read that the drops aren’t that much better than 65’s, but with better odds of SSR scrolls.

Varna is good for PvP, but not a lot of overlap with your factions currently I think. Rachel is an excellent mage though (albeit belonging to inconvenient factions)

  1. Yeah, whether you’re drawing on a special banner or the generic summon banner, the chance of getting a SSR is ~2%.

  2. For the banners with 2 heroes (ie. Ledin/Elwin) I think it’s 40% Each of the banner heroes, and 20% all others. For 3 hero “destiny” banners, the first SSR will be one of the 3 that you don’t already own, and afterwards it’s 27% one of the 3, and 20% all others I believe?

So if you draw again (and score a SSR) there’s a ~27% chance you’ll get a Rachel dupe, or 20% chance of a off banner hero, but 54% chance you’ll get a SSR healer.