Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

This is what we get for reading scenario instructions! If we just randomly pushed them, we wouldn’t even have bothered! The solution is simple: it’s obviously yet another mistranslation, and you can totally harm them and push them around. sigh, indeed.

New code: 3NXZJWWGE

gold, hammers and a ticket

My event rolls were Njord’s helmet and Broken Star.

Should I bother with Broken Star until something better comes along for Ledin? Guides say it’s trash, of course.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad, I guess you can use it temporarily if your current Ledin weapon is worse than a lvl 20 Broken Star.

That’s really it’s only appeal. It’s my only current SR/SSR weapon, that he can use, that grants any defensive stats. But I don’t really have hammers for it now anyway. I probably won’t break it down right away.

Of the remaining first tab of Angelica’s event rewards, should I care about any of them? For SR enchant scrolls and R anki m aterials, I figure “no”. The level 45 class mats, OTOH, I can’t sweep for all of them and I’m still 4 days from the store refreshing, so I might grab some.

Olivier I am unfamiliar with. Worth grabbing him?

I don’t know much about him but Olivier is supposed to be pretty good. Plus if it’s like Klose from the previous event, you can get enough shards to make him 5* which is very nice.

Sold! I think I’ll get all the shards I can then.

Olivier seems quite good: I agonised over which of his two trees to pick. I am thinking I actually might multiclass him, because he got two super sexy skills, each in one tree — although one is really only meant for PVP. Also, he uses angels, which makes him automatically as buffy as a Rachel ;)

Please note: I think Scott or Emerick are quite good, so set your expectations accordingly.

Emerick is awesome, I wish I played strategy/empire so I could field him or Vargas.

As for Scott, you might be on your own there ;)

Vargas is beyond awesome. He’s the reason I wished males weren’t excluded of those silly inappropriate confession right ouf of some Bioware game!

I haven’'t the chance to do any of the levels in the new event barring the first yet. Here’s a list of all the rewards though. Gotta get that magic stone!

What does the Magic Stone do?

It’s the Runestone I am guessing, Magic Stone is a very simple and litteral translation of the original 魔導石. I bet that helps!

@soondifferent Do you need to complete one stage 100% to access the next?

Yeah pretty sure magic stone is runestune, I just enjoy that translation!

@Left_Empty not sure, I havent had a chance to dig into the new event yet.

I checked, and there are little chained tabs on the top, a bit like those during the initial Cherie event. Upon tapping those, it seems they will unlock upon completion of some further mission. No need to grind that much, phew!

Finished up my two SSR item pulls for the event. Got Purgatory and Carbon Fiber helm. Pretty meh

I cannot reliably auto the level 45 Screw Materials mission at War Preparation zone.

I lack the words to explain how annoying this is.

Party up if you can’t manage it with bonuses.

Yeah I am only running 2 bonus drop people as is (I only have 4 options; Hein and Alemda are in andSilver Wolf and someone else are on the bench). I should try to do some runs with clannies.

But I also think I know the problem. Right now, Cherie (with Faction buff from Ledin) cannot reliably one shot an archer with Lightning. Lightning Speed, with it’s 1.6 multiplier, seems to work. So I can kill the first, and then go for the second. If I fail to kill the second, sometimes things go sideways but not always. If I do not kill the first (which auto battle seems to sometimes do), its up for grabs as Cherie gets nuked on the enemy turn. Sometimes Ledin et al in the bottom prevail, sometiems they don’t, sometimes I run out of turns.

So I am working on getting her damage up. I decided to go ahead and use an SSR spirit on Last Knight and it’s current level 44. I also upgraded Esoteric Slate to 40, and redid a couple of enchantments. I’ve already boosted her attack by a couple dozen probably. It’s a very close thing, but it would be even better if I could do this without needing Vindication up (I have to start manual because Auto will use Divine Guard first and then if Cherie gets the two kills I can auto).

Also, I really wish it was possible to condense hammers a higher value hammer, just to spare all the damn clicking for upgrading items.

when does the faction buff stuff start taking affect? I haven’t noticed anything about it yet, I’m at level 36 I think.