Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Is the 2nd phase much different from the 1st phase? I gave it a try earlier today, but got picked off by the 2nd phase mobs due to poor positioning. Will have to give it another go later.

he gets even more health, probably more def too. My best units inflict him like 13k on their better day. A simple accounting tells me I’d need around 10 turns when I reach him to kill him. Sadly, there is 5 or 6 turns left when I get to him ;)
Edit: ah yes, I forgot that he regen 15k hp every other turn.

If anyone is having trouble with the Bladelord Leonhardt mission, it can easily be cheesed. Just run Estelle around the outside of the house, and keep everyone inside. You can then use Joshua to attack Leonhardt from the safety of the house. Takes about 13-14 turns to get the victory, but Leonhardt just stays focused on chasing Estelle around the outside of the house

Cue Yakety Sax.

Today’s new event map looks like quite a fun puzzle. Only dabbled with it this morning but it was pretty stimulating.

Wrapped the plot missions for the second trails set today. Pretty fun… now the grind begins!

Strike that. It’s an evil feast of frustration. The recent trend of having strong enemies immune to all debuffs is getting old, fast.

I find the challenge missions infuriating… I just don’t think I have the right mix of SSR characters, and it becomes an exercise in frustration.

I go online for tips and it is always like ‘I did this will Elwin, Luna and Bozel’

And I’m over here with mostly empire faction spinning my wheels

I checked on reddit (I was that desperate!) and it boils down, to me, to those missions being probably tuned for Chinese whales, making even our own whales suffer against those challenge. You need a full 6k cast to stand a small chance in those last two it seems, since tactics or even cast don’t matter, only raw numbers.
Frankly, I am probably done with the game if that’s the new content we can expect from now on.

No doubt…

They need to feed some content for the folks living in 55-60 land like me!!

I was doing the challenge today where Ferequa (sorry, spelling) turns into a dragon. I grind along for about 12 turns but eventually eliminate her, feeling pretty good… then boom, she turned into a dragon. No Elwin for me meant that I didn’t really have a chance at that point. I don’t think that one is even particularly hard, but I got frustrated and gave up

Yes Fellaqia isn’t hard, but your experience stigmates what has been happening for the last few weeks: even if you got a sound tactic, a nice team and can survive, you need unusually high attack numbers to be able to cope with a limiting factor, often the arbitrary timer.
For reference, I beat her with Vargas (who incidently got the highest attack numbers on my team, despite lousy attack skills: just a coincidence).

Just had a really nice day of pulls.

Spent the $20 for guaranteed SSR and snagged Elwin. Just at spent the last hour boosting him as much as possible. Frees up my options for the Valentine’s event

Also had SSR draws of Veil of Light, Jormundgers Eye and Tennyos Robe… Not too shabby

Nice! I haven’t gotten a drop all week from dragons :/

I had a quick go at each of the challenge maps. Definitely tougher than the last set. At least this week’s SSS trial was pretty easy.

I should hit account level 55 early in my dailies on Thursday.

I have been sweeping for mats for Cherie’s & Sonya’s level 55 class upgrades (which are mastery for both), figuring they’re probably the best people to focus on first (as my primary damage dealers; Ledin is doing just super right now).

I have been neglecting Flier upgrades (not completely, but I’ve been mostly focused on Lancer where possible, and sort of shifting my second priority), so I’ve got some work to do before I get Angels unlocked. This entire time Iw as waiting for Cherie to get them thinking it was a class unlock and then I looked up and saw she was about to Master whichever class and I was like “huh”. Whoops. I sitll have to get level 5 on Core Def and then level 5 of Aerobatics before they unlock (I did just hit Flier 12, fortunately).

Extra sweeps have been going to Aniki training in the mean time, because I had to catchup on R books. Also, I spent my dailies today on Lancer before realzing all of this. Doh!

Angels are awesome, it allows Cherie and Leon to sometimes survive magic attacks that melee units have no business surviving.

Also I finally had a chance to try out some of the challenge maps.

  • The dragon one was kind of fun, wish the other maps were like this. More mechanics than a stat check, it’s nice that the bats and squid don’t do any damage with their pulls, and the dragon’s stats were reasonable as well.

  • Weismann challenge #1: Probably not worth the sanity cost for 20 tokens.

  • Weismann challenge #2: So the trick is to surround him and he won’t resummon Leonhardt, but my team isn’t tough enough to survive his AoEs without a lot of luck. Even with a 5* Luna (which means -25% magic damage for everyone with 2 spaces) my Tiaris/Liana will die if any of the following are true:

  1. if they are damaged which disables sorceress/shrine maiden defense buff
  2. If Weismann’s int isn’t debuffed (which I’m relying on Leon’s atk break / Cherie’s last knight & helm. Wish I had a built up Vargas/Angelina)
  3. If they still have -35% mdef debuff that Weismann applies.

I got him to about half health once, but that’s it. I have been neglecting my healers’ defense bonds, going to try and build them up before the event ends.

  • Trails family challenge - maybe doable? Looking to rely on the tender mercies of the RNG and Peacemaker / Detect to disable passives.

Haven’t tried nightmare arena yet. All in all, not very fond of these maps. Guess it’s not the end of the world if I miss out on some game tokens, but still wish they weren’t time limited like the Twisted Fate events.

The Trail family bucket thing is quite evil: it looks doable, but then will throw horrible low punches at you (the only viable tank is Ledin on this map, and disabling passive works… until someone decides to become invincible to debuff and bad status — that last thing seems to be Zlong’s new approach at making things “challenging”. Yeah, no thank you for turning most of the characters useless.

I have stopped playing on the world server last week because of this. I am at a place where I have zero hope to be competitive in the level 70 single player content and challenge events, apart from stupidly slowly boosting my various stats over the next two months, done by playing contents that is so easy it is boring to death.

I switched and concentrated on my Japanese party. I drew totally different characters there: I have Zelda, Lanford and Juggler — no Leon or Luna, aw! — and being on my early 60s, a lot of the content is still very much fun to play.
Interestingly enough, the challenges event in the first Trails event that is about to close there have very different balances from the one we got in the International server. Overall much harder (which makes sense, although newer, the character’s levels have grown much higher there), but also a bit more rewarding. I will report what happens with Weissmann and friends there when they show up, in a couple of weeks probably.

First, I dunno, 6-7 batches of pulls were nothing (although I think I can get another star for Sonya now).

Then I tripled pulled O_O

Elwin, Liana, and 50 Elwin shards all in one batch.


I pulled Elwin and Jugler… Used my CP with Leon shards for Lana, then my Elwin shards with the second CP for Liana… So Liana, Lana and Jugler off about 110 pulls.

Pretty pleased. Leveling them up is going to take some time. Also happy to have the extra gate of dates for the event, that is helpful

Slide 40 Frostrend over to Elwin, along with Apex Boots (which are still 20; I am considering using a spirit on them) and a few other SR gears. One of which I just leveled to 30. Sonya gets a level 30 Fire Spear thingy (30% chance to do fixed damage) that I upgraded to 40. Team is now Ledin, Tiaris, Elwin, Cherie, and one of Bozel or Sonya as needed. Sonya got a bit weaker in this exchange which is a mild problem (the spear upgrade helped mitigate this somewhat).

I need moar SSR weapons lol. But for now I’m continuing on the master plan. I can do 45 dragons (some, I’m going to try the others I haven’t completed yet as they come into the rotation the rest of the week).

More pulls produced nothing (except I got a ton of Imelda shards today, like 80). I’ve gotten Elwin to Bond level 15 and unlocked his first 3 bond power nodes but I lack keys of every tier haha.

Grats folks! 3x SSR in one pull is pretty damn lucky. I got Landius in 40, so decent for me as well.

Today at lunch I gave the “Black and White” level a few more tries. Just couldn’t get far. I looked on reddit for strategies, and there’s this neat one where you use Ferquea (sp?) to switch positions with Weismann so that he’s backed into a corner, so he ends up meleeing (as a mage) your Elwin. Pretty damn clever. Unfortunately my Elwin’s not up to snuff; by turn 15 Weismann still has ~1/4th of his health.

A big part of this is that (like Leviar) Weismann has a massive melee damage reduction buff, but it doesn’t apply during counter attacks. So I’m curious if I could sub in Ledin for the task. He wouldn’t have the self heal that Elwin has, but he’d easily do 3 times the damage. I also have 4 copies of True Cross I’ve been meaning to merge that might give him a hilarious +20% def +20% mdef against Weismann.

Someone also came up with a pretty inventive strategy in the bizarro dragon level. Basically the reason the dragon doesn’t move is because she has 0 move, but if she plunders a +move skill (like sprint) she’ll move from her initial spot, only to die from her own flames.