Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

The names of the missions don’t quite match because of translation inconsistencies.

Luna🦞!!! That’s one of the few story lines I read.

Got Goddis’ Left Hand from first Joint today. It goes onto Tiaris at 20. No spirits for now (not that I have any to spend hah!).

According to the gif that appeared on reddit Goddess is a “common” SSR so not worth spiriting anyway?

They certainly have been common for me. I could have maxed out 2+ if I didn’t cycle some of them back to the house.

Ok then. I am sort of leaning down the @Left_Empty path of “roll for gear mostly with Orichalcum, use dupes to upgrade” right now. OTOH, I just got Miracle Staff from a random event. That might be worth spirits as it looks like it’s rarest tier. But I’ll just keep it at 20 for now (none of my offensive mages are using anything worth mentioning, so hello Bozel!).

Red Moon today from Gacha. Leveled to 20 and onto Lana. Purgatory has been alchemied.

I did 50 thudner dragon today. I solo’d him with Elwin but they simul died, which I could have stopped. Took both healers with the intention o f using Tiaris to add attack buff and Act Again to get her back out of Dragon AoE. But the turn before it came up again it ended. I was considering sending her into heal instead, probably should have. So next time he comes up and I try 55 this is going to be. . . interesting to say the least. I am very low on SSR keys finally, but considering unlocking Elwin’s last two bonds.

I am also considering an Epic Martial Spirit to level Apex Boots to 50 (although that would be a few days out), as I’m not likely to see another pair anytime soon. In the mean time I’ll hope for some Seal Guardians so I can equip him with that (instead of the 40 Frostrend).

Consider Epic Martial Spiriting the Red Moon too, if you get into Lana, or just use the Blue alternative: those Red things are insanely rare in my experience.

About the Thunder Dragon, be sure to try not soloing it too: if you got units with enough health to all survive the blast, you can punish the beast and end the fight much sooner. I am also not sure what its targeting routine is: it seems awfully focused on my Altemuller for some reason, every single time.

I am probably going to, but it’s going to have to wait for probably Apex boots first. But I think I may make it my next priority. I do like Lana and would like her to be a valuable piece.

Ahhh, Lanford + Lanford Dupe out of my 100 cards. Still got a ton of crystals.

Isn’t he supposed to be an amazing Tank Killer or something?

And Atlemuller from another huge batch of pulls. This leaves me with a conundrum desiring a Princess Buffer.

  1. Keep rolling for Luna for now.
  2. Wait for next banner. If it’s another “first pull is gauranteed” banner, I should be able to get Shelf.

While I depleted my reserves I made like 30+ trinity cards from all the 6* I just got (I think I have 10 now lol). And by the time next banner rolls around I bet I’ll have enough crystals for a bunch more cards.

I got Lanford in Japan, unlocked all his classes and… meh.

I find him way too squishy for PVE, and his main skill relies on systematically achieving kills, which is stressful without undo. He also got too many good skills in my opinion, and not enough utility.
He also has got the single worst talent of the whole game in my opinion, one that has zero synergy with anybody… excepting in dire situation in PVP where somebody dispelled all your buffs, I guess?
If you want to reliably kill HP sponges powered by DEF, Lana is a much more rewarding and reliable alternative in my opinion. She can do it every single turn, and not once every couple of turn if all goes well, to begin with.

I have about 55 vouchers… Debating gambling for Luna now, or saving them for a future event. What do ya’ll think?


Well, if this was the bargain thread I would say only spend them if you’re gonna install and play the Luna tonight!

Oh I’m not spending a single resource on him right now. Too much else to do. He seems to rank high on PVP tier lists (I should have specified he was supposedly a pvp tank killer), but I can get far more utility by putting resources in various other characters (some of whom can easily stradle PVP and PVE, like Lana).

I am going to invest in Atlemuller, but that’s going to take awhile. I guess I’ll gofor his faction buff class line for the freebe so I can use him to buff Leon.

I love me some Altemueller, but he does take some time to get his tankiness up… but definitely get his faction buff so that you can fly Leon all over the map

You all convinced me… but no luck. No SSRs in my 55 pulls. I blame you all for my bad luck :)

Heh. I spent my last 3 pulls and got an Atle dupe. So he’s 4* now anyway. 4 SSR overall in 23 pulls, which is a good rate. Two dupes, which is less desirable. C’est la vie.

I am probably going to spend my last two runestones on him to get him 4 classes, but I’m not rushing. Faction buff first.

Before you know it you’ll pull him 7 times off banner!

I have him idling at 3*. His talent seems good on paper (since they stack with faction buffs), but I’m of the same mind as Left_empty, Lana is just better at single target in general, and most cases where the content calls for infantry, it’s more for their dispelling skills which Lanford lacks. He seems like a lot of fun and can make good use of your frostrend though. From what I read later on he gets exclusive equipment which extends his command range to 3 squares.

Lana is basically my next big investment. I mean, for whatever I can do for her. Which isn’t much right now, I lack the means to upgrade gear (SSR gear anyway) and she’s got 4 masteries.

For mages, how important are the bond powers? I’ve now got her at 10/9/1 but it seems like the solider boosting powers won’t be as useful. I have opened Elwin’s 4 and 5th bond powers and started improving the latter (level 3). I’ll open Lana’s tomorrow but they won’t get anything right away because I’m key constrained again.

Soldier boosting is very important for all the mages that have ATK as part of their soldier boosts (ie. Lana) and less so for those who don’t (ie. Shelf) Sorceresses account for a good chunk of your damage, and is worth maxing asap along with Angels and Phalanxes. (Luckily they’re easy to raise since everyone ignores cavalry Aniki … until they decide to invest in Landius)

Heart bonds for mages are pretty low priority, probably just need to invest a bit if you find them dying too much (but gear is probably a easier way to raise hp)

So I don’t understand this mechanic, clearly.

I am using Sorceresses (level 6; close to some leveling there actually). I assume Lana’s damage was Int based but when I went and looked at her skills they just say e.g. “1.5x damage”. Do sorceresses contribute to her spell casting damage? I realize that they cause attacks to do Mdamage, which is nice (and you get a big boost thre). But it seems like I wouldn’t be attacking with Lana very often.

So how are they helping with skill damage, or should I be attacking more often (I usually run 2x aoe + a short CD single target skill on her).