Langrisser Mobile is Awesome


I’m 30 and hitting spikes. I think I am at rift 3-4.

I just learned I can raise equipment past level 10/20 somehow With a martial soul from the store.

Ahhh that’s what you use those things for.


I’m a bit higher leveled, and find the multiplayer aspect of the game very entertaining when things slow down on the other fronts (there is so much you can do to progress each day — basically Time Rift’s daily limits is the stopper).
I’d suggest using crystals to buy food once or twice a day, aimed at progression using said rifts: that is really good value compared to the quite lame odds of golden ticket gambling (and you get golden tickets other ways, any way).


I enjoy the daily grind. I find multiplayer poorly balanced, and some of the missions are super boring (most gold gathering), but this game works out nice for a daily break in my life. I am crazy frustrated by the golden tickets at this point, but I do get that aspect also


I think it might be worth it if you’re under lvl 30 are are trying to level up to take advantage of an event (like the current Epic Eatery) but the real enemy is always the gatcha RNG, and the only way to fight it is by hoarding crystals!

(Plus after 35, it takes so much experience to level up that 120 stamina doesn’t really make a dent.)


I don’t really enjoy the PvP, it’s mostly the playground for whales. Though I do enjoy checking the arena page and seeing when a higher level player with a $270 skin failed to beat my f2p ass.


Finally scored another SSR today, after all the waiting… Annnnnndddd it is another Leon. Who is amazing, but I could go for literally any other SSR at this point


Trying World Arena. It’s fun when evenly matched in levels. When it’s level 31 against level 40 not fun. Even if I attack vulnerable units it barely touches them. Maybe because PVP bands still too broad at the low levels.

edit: Figured out the trick. Surrender when they are too high level :)


I know your pain, 3x Lana here!

I have about 7 10x pulls saved up for the upcoming Angelina / Liana / Cherie banner, so I have 50% chance of getting Liana if I get an SSR…


I finally made 35. How do I pick a faction?

I mean… is there a menu where I have to assign a leader and whatever? Do I have to put 5 people of the same alignment? I don’t need to know the details etc etc I need to know how I even start doing it!

AHHH it’s in the class menu… okay.


Just ran into a guy who had a tricky strategy for defense in arena.

He was a first tier dude, but his overall power was about 1k less than mine, but he was level 47 (im level 35).

Well, he had two level 47 characters with Matthew and Grenier. Everyone else was garbage to reduce his overall strength. So I attack, I smoke 3 of his guys and then his Matthew and Grenier rip through my guys.

Still, despite that, on the final turn it is a full strength Chris and a damaged Grenier. Grenier attacks and kills Chris, but Chris also kills Grenier! Unfortunately, they still counted that as a loss.


I don’t think this was as much as a trick strategy as somebody who didn’t understand how grading up worked: there is zero benefit to have less power (matches are done on the arena rating, not the respective powers), and with equal decks, a difference of 2 levels is enough to wipe the floor systematically.


You don’t have to assign a faction or a leader. You just need someone with a faction buff skill, and that skill when used, buffs all characters belonging to that faction.


Yeah, sounds like someone who doesn’t know about that setup defense team button.


I guess that makes sense. I was thinking that they were luring lower level folks like me to attack where their 1 or 2 characters could handle the rest of the squad and earn some extra ladder points. Which now that i type it out sounds dumb


Seeing how tomorrow is the last day of the epic eatery event, I blew about 7 burgers auto-ing the easiest battle. Got most of the prizes and scored a second Last Knight spear.

Also, the level 40 challenge “Love and the Twin Towers” is probably the toughest battle I’ve encountered yet, even though I’m slightly overlevelled for that.


Great tip! Been doing that today while working.


Level 36! Starting to be able to do the harder stuff and advancing again.

I got lucky and pulled a Freya so I have a nice team

Glory for the Glory Gods:

Cherry (DPS), flier. Self-heal path.
Matthew (DPS), flier path as well.
Elwin (Sword guy), this is the faction buffer.
Freya (SSR tank). She’s the wrong faction but is a great tank. I suppose I could try running the free cavalry Grenier dude but I like her picture.
Almendra (healer).

Possible ads to team:
Pulled a Hein (caster) and gave him teleport path. Will see if it’s useful. I don’t use magic much. It seems weak. Archers are my bane (2 fliers) and magic isn’t great against them.

I think this current focus is good for me? Going to use up all the crystals I horded.

First pull! Not really a match for what I need, but hey an SSR is an SSR. Oh drats Liana would have been nice. Next time.


Hein is extremely useful. I juggle him and Egbert as my mages. My hein also has the catapult soldiers which give him an extra tile of range to plink and enemies if he can’t cast.

My team is:

Leon (destroyer of everything)
Altemueller (high mobility, good DPS, good tankiness)
Almeda - healer and demon slayer
Vargas - Defense and protector
Hein/Matthew/Anna/Chris/Egbert - Depends on the needs of the map

Hein is extremely useful with teleport. Some maps put spears up at the front to protect their squishy guys from Leon’s cavalry assault. Hein goes and teleports him behind enemy lines, where he can usually one strike the opposing hero/mage/healer/archer. Then his extra moves after attack get him out of range of most counter-attacks.

The main force then moves up to attack the front line. Almeda abilities always give Leon a few HP back while he is behind enemy lines… but it usually doesn’t matter because he spends the next 3 turns destroying all the support units.

Conversely, I use Egbert when I’m facing lots of magic users/healers or a map where the enemy is going to be grouped up. His default path gives him AOE spells to silence a group or prevent their healing. He also has a nice ability that does an extra 400 damage or so to each target after he casts a spell, so his AOE is even more powerful.

Chris is used when I have lots of demons to fight or lots of spears, since she has a great melee. Her discipline ability provides extra healing if I need that, or strengthen gets dumped onto Leon so that his attack is nearly 600 for me (level 37)

Anna is squishy, but some maps you need staying power and regeneration is great to put on Vargas if I’m using him to whittle down the health of an attack force, or to put on Leon/Altemueller if they are going to be in advance of the rest of the group.

I would like to replace Vargas with Freya at some point. And Almeda with a more robust SSR healer.


Freya is only SR, but I’m back at her as my main tank after trying Vargas and Ledin extensively.
Ledin got more versatility, but Freya’s 3-bladed defensive razor is more and more handy as I get to higher level content. Also, she inspires true fear in World Arena ;)


I also have a Narn (archer), Jessica (TP/mage), and the AOE debuffer Eggbert (but I have him spear path, he was my tank for a while because of the self-heal.)

They don’t seem to be as good, a lot of the problem is i have limited gear. I’ve been using yellow gear and I only have 5-6 sets. 3 fliers means some of my fliers use silver armor instead. I couldn’t decide whether I was better off levelign up and using the silver armor so instead I eat it all.

It looks like I still have increase odds to pull Liana so I may spend the rest of my crystals to roll.

One thing I don’t understand about guard. It says it defends within 2 squares but sometimes it doesn’t defend. I know magic isn’t affected, but sometimes archers attack and it doesn’t defend. Maybe the archers use spells? Archers are my bane with 2 fliers on me team. I do have Assassin unlocked for Cherry, but she underperformed as an assassin too (maybe no gear).