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What can I do about Ledin, to improve him.

Classes - all mastered.
Stars: 5* (long way from 6, don’t think this is big for him though).
Bonds: m/m/m/-/1

40/50 Oath Sword (can’t afford to level it more right now, don’t think it’s the best use of my resoures anyway).
30/30 Aeneas Armor
30/30 Aeneas Helm
50/50 King Amulet

My thinking is that my best options besides rolling an upgrade for him are rolling enchants and maybe investing in his 4th bond power, since it raises all defensive stats. I don’t want to spend spirits on the Aeneas gear because they’re not rare, although they will get passed along to other seventually. But I would like to see about making Ledin a bit tankier in the short term if I can.

But rolling enchants is a real crapshoot. Maybe I will raise that bond somem but burst keys are precious.

Woot! Just scored a Yggdrisal Wreath

4th bond will also open the heart bond after a few… I don’t have Ledin but I assume it gives the same tank bonuses that it does for everyone else, which are then doubly good for him.

Yes, it does (mdef, def, hp). I think I will sink a few points in, but of course I’ve run out of Bursting Heart Keys so that may be a couple of days. I at least have the money now (had to spend some crystals on cash since I couldn’t do anything).

Decided not to upgrade Oath sword because it’s going to cost too much (and it’s not a big benefit).

My opinion is that you need a better armor. Blood Shield is super popular, but I got another one for my Ledin that I am quite fond of: it gives him extra defense when attacked, a bit like the popular Gargoyle Jacket. Forgot its exact name.

Don’t forget you can dissolve it and get all your money and upgrade materials back when you get a better piece of gear. In the mean time, every little bit helps, especially if he is your main tank.

Yeah that’s my opinion too. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about my helmet/armor except hope the next week’s festivities bring me toys. Moving to 55 dragons helps, certainly.

Yeah, I would definitely throw everything into his 4th bonds. I think in the current bozel event you get a choice of the higher tier bond materials as rewards - it will help, as a strong tank is the key to passing the last time rift (where the time limit is the real enemy, and you need the enemies to kill themselves on their turn.)

I, fortunately, am still sitting on a sizable pile of the Bozel reward bags. I love these things. But I don’t have the keys to do much still.

I decided to upgrade Oath Sword to 50 an accept that I might buy gold from the pack store this week (but we’ll see). The decision to spend crystals on gold a couple of days ago was very helpful though. Atlemuller is close to having 4 mastered classes.

My now daily regime of “maybe do 7 dragon sweeps” has certainly changed my hammer dynamics. I got Bathory, the Seductress today, which went on Silver wolf. Not like he is going to get used any time soon. I am taking Red Moon to 40 today, via SSR Spirit purchase.

My decision to not ore Bloody Melodies has paid off in three of the damn things so far, just one more to go!

I had enough for two spirits so Red Moon is now 6*.

I still have Miracle Staff to level, although I am not super rushed here. Is red-ore rolling on armor considered crazier/worse/whatever than rolling on weapons? It feels sort of crazy because there are far fewer characters who enjoy a big power spike from armor verus a weapon, but tanks are an exception. Not going to max Frostrend (it sits at 40/40 for now) but Devil Axe is the only other weapon I would consider leveling at this point. And I’m not going to spend spirits on it for now.

I would only gamble on armor/helms after you’ve gambled on weapons since they’re more impactful. Still, unlike weapons you are more likely to get something usable, and might be a good idea in your case since you haven’t maxed out the aeneas set yet, and you’re likely to get dupes from the gamble.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that where as there are inarguable weapon upgrades that would help my in use characters out, I don’t have anyone I’m waiting to unleash who is stuck on an SR either. I won’t get back to Angelina leveling until maybe the end of this week or something (Atle is now 60 but I gotta get Vargas to 60 next). The thing is, available gear drives so much decision making. It’s sort of like the input. Well, the big input after “character” to be sure.

Looking at Cherie, I realized that I shouldn’t level her third bond anymore for the time being (which was basically next after my Ledin detour), since its defensive. May as well start investing in #5. She really needs the offensive power (from somewhere, anywhere); I could also invest a spirit into Lone Star Amulet this weekend, but I don’t want to do that either.

I am, in a sense, where I was before the current banner: I need more gear, and the next Banner might shake up my strategy a little bit. But I have four 4500+ characters now (Ledin, Leon, Elwin, Lana) and some key people have hit 5* (Elwin, Tiaris), and I’ve cleared the 55 dragons. Onward and upward.

I am going to go sacrifice a hecatomb to RNGesus for good weeps this week.

With those four at 4500+, you should be able to clear all of the 60 dragons… I don’t want to say “easily”, but it shouldn’t be too hard, either. The rewards aren’t dramatically better, but every little bit is something.

Especially since even small amounts of red ore add up; it could mean a roll/spirit 1 day sooner. Do we have a good idea of what the odds of getting SSRs are from the various dragons?

I was thinking this afternoon that I might try the 60 dragons this week (although I did 55 Fire today). I was very pleased at how well Bozel + Lana did on 55 Ice last week and they’ve both gotten a bit more dangerous since.

So yeah I guess it’s good I started progressing through the time rift again taps spare Aeneas Helmet. Now is probably a good time for me to look at the chest rewards for 8/9 and the elites and see if there is anything I should be aiming for.

Dark Crown in 9, and Orichalcum in 9 and 9 elite. Needs!

Wait OMG you can get Oath of Justice in 10-8 normal. Is that really hard? Fascinating. I should shoot for that too.

Yeah, I am in a pretty similar place to you overall on progress and I have really been slacking at both the Time Rift and the main story. I did several story missions in a row last night and opened up Time Rift 9… and it will probably take me a couple of weeks to slog through it. The battles ‘in between’ on the normal TR feel like a particular waste of time. The rewards are pretty good, and it will be nice to have the elites open for the bond materials, and it will still take me forever.

Ugh yeah the battles in between are starting to drive me crazy.

Did 60 Ice Dragon after a couple of failures. today’s dragon + sweeps rewarded me with Dark Robe (bye), another Goddess Dress (bye; I have one from I can’t remember when ages ago), and a Last Rights. Which is going on. . . Cherie? Looks like Cherie.

Last Rites and Altemueller have gotten along very well for me… his reinforcements + vampire bats + healing light means he is at full health most of the time

85 pulls (I scraped together 30 more the past week) and lucked out with Luna. I sent her down Pegasus path to start so I could get princess faction buff, but wonder if I want her as an Archer eventually. I have zero SSR archers in my arsenal, and I haven’t done anything to my SR archers.

I am trying to figure out if I want to dump all of my resources into a try at Luna or not (I got Lanford with the guaranteed drop). An Altemuller dupe would have value, since I use him a ton, but a Lanford dupe would be pretty worthless. I think the “right” play is to hold onto the resources for upcoming banners with a better chance of getting things I need and a lower chance of blanking, but Luna would fill in a lot of holes for my team (no SSR archers, I use Tactics a lot, I don’t have a princess buffer). I’ve got about 110 pulls saved up, but I’m going to want to pull at pretty much everything that’s expected in September and October.

I think I’ve talked myself into ignoring the princess faction unless I luck into something off-banner. Oh well.