Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

@peacedog I think you and I are online around the same time (I see friend points from you shortly after the day cuts over, which is around the time my wife goes to bed and I do my dailies) so if you (or anyone) ever need 5 wins just send me a msg and we’ll hop on to some casual matches.

That’s why I see the L formation! Was wondering why.

Thanks. I should note that my play hours are erratic. I usually stay logged in, and usually play as the day allows east-coast USA time (-5 GMT), with me getting to bed early typically. But sometimes I have sleep issues so I might be autoing dailies at 3:30am (happened several times last week).

For some reason it didn’t occur to me until recently that it doesn’t matter what my record is. I had been hitting Bronze III and then not doing anything because it’s rare (although not impossible) that I can win there. And a couple of weeks I haven’t gotten my 5 win rewards. But there’s no reason not to keep battling until 5 wins/getting into the tier I want.

Is reverse L:



? Or maybe it doesn’t matter.

The thing is all characters want to move behind another of your characters nowadays if not in range to attack. I think that behavior is a collateral AI neuronal damage of the implementation of “move foward, then back to the group” of the AI routine implemented after people got enough of suiciding Leons a couple months back.
The L formation makes it so the first character will move for the closest enemy character, thus making all your characters move in line hugging each others back with no hope of anything in application to the aforementioned routine. If the other side got a Leonhardt (pretty rare, but it happened to me once), sit back and enjoy a single character wipe of your whole team.
Turn order, counterproductive skills selection (like removing chilvary) and some placement can help around that, but then I usually fall prey to some counter AOE of the other side by losing the initiative.

@peacedog it doesn’t matter, as far as I can tell. The important part is having a single character up front.
For instance even
- - 1
- 2 3
4 5 -
wouldn’t work as 2 and 4 would be equi distant to some characters, thus preventing the destructive “line” formation which the L formation tries to exploit.

The L shape makes it also so that the character opposite to the “tip” is pretty sure to not suffer any offensive AOE. The one above or below her is also quite unlikely to suffer damage.

It’s a Tiaris/Diehart banner (and a “higher chance to summon”) and a new event (which I did not know was coming). And the event conent is decidedly non trivial yikes.

Ok this even tis weird. For one, you get 1 of the event currency for doing any random map event, at least I have gotten them so far (2/2). But it also adds map events that are, for me, brutal. It’s “level 55” but the monsters inside are nastier than what I am seeing in the chapter 10 time warp. And have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. You have to kill the pack bosses in the first event (they render the mooks immortal) but I get bottled up and can’t do that. And anyway the bosses have lovely stats like 900atk 700def so even if I can hit them. . . youch.

i haven’t even bothered to complete chapter 35 (only chapter 32), so i guess i need to do that

You can probably auto most of the maps :) Just grab the chests on the way

They told me there’s no more bots in world arena but this rude dude won’t say hello back…

I completed Timeless Trail B+ and A. A+ is a bit trickier. I thought I had the first mission, until the assassin guard broke and ended my Elwin.

Back to Time Rift, I need Oath of Justice.

Wow, I had totally forgotten I used Lana once upon a time!

I must confess I stopped doing Timeless Trials: too random (I don’t check online to see whether the week’s mileage is doable or not) and while the end stages are often very stimulating challenges, they are too freaking time-consuming!

Your team cheated by the way.

So I had a pretty fun week.

I was able to beat the B+ Timeless Trial this week and also beat the A. I forged through to Time Warp 10-8 and secured my Oath of Justice, which I just finished strengthening to 50 (as for enchants . . . I rolled 15% attack twice on my small handful of hard rocks and wound up with nothing worth mentioning, sigh). Amongst the uniques I picked up some trash (a purgatory, and 1 or 2 other “just trash it now”), a Blue Star (not sure I want to level it though), a second Red Moon, a Death Robe (which probably won’t see much use). I am out of red ore again, but sooooo worth.

I got Atlemuller to 4 masteries and maxxed the first two bonds and he’s now “mediocre” (~750 atk).

I am 1 brown oil and 15 pink flier books from 10 Angels (although RNG has been spiting me; I was 2 brown oils from max a week ago). Got Elwin to 5* at the start of the week and continue forging ahead to 6*, and got Lana to 4* which is sort of “minimum passive decency for healers” it seems.

Leveled Narm, Vargas, and Rachel to 60 and got a couple of class upgrades in. But they all need more and rune stones and they’re not likely to get rune stones anytime soon. Well, vargas might. I won’t spend any of next month’s stones (or the one I got from the current event) on Vargas unless I wiff on upcoming banners. He’s not ready to be a second string tank just yet, but he’s gotten better (I did some gear upgrading on him).

I took down 60 dragons for Ice, Thunder, and Dark. I skipped Fire because the days he came up I was preoccupied and didn’t care as much about the rewards. I’ll get him this week.

Did my first two Eternal Temples (over due; Phoenix and Valkrie). Got some bond upgrades here and there but it’s slow going now for most people.

Hit 1700 in regular PVP, although I’ll devolve back to high 1600s once the week rolls over.

Next leveling projects: Angelina (51-60), Leonhardt (50something to 60), Klose to 60, maybe start leveling Liffany.

Who I want to spend runestones on: nobody really. I mean I want to wait and see how I do on the next couple of banners. I do want to spend some on Angelina eventually. And Vargas. And I guess Leonhardt, but that’s more down the road, and I’m not sure how great he would be in PVP without the right gear.

Unlike Le “ooh, I want all my gear to be ssr and boost both mdef and def even though i ll just die to the first mage” Din, Vargas works great already with an all SR outfit. And he will die all the same to the first spell cast - excepting he will get back up on his feet, him.

And he is actually a tank, not some passive-agressive maniac killer. might not be a plus…

Hug the balds. they need to be dolled.

… but don’t spend runestones on him unless you want to run a shitty strategist pvp team (like me!). I am slowly switching out of it: after Luna, it is Leon that went out the backdoor this week.

Oh, I was thinking he had something in the other tree that was core to his build. But I hadn’t looked closely. Even better, runestones for more important people.

Oh, and I will level Lanford to 60, although it will be awhile before I can do a lot with him (at least I have a Frostrend I can eventually pass along).

And man, 10-8 took a few tries (not as many as 10-2 but still). But I got it sorted. The ranged clustered on the middle right side parapet was a problem (first two attempts to deal with it Ledin died to having to tank too much magic damage, point of fact).

Guild wars and such left me with enough red ore to go ahead and do my first weekly store roll.

What’s this?


Doesnt look like anything to me.

If the image isn’t showing, it’s Ragnarok.