Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

I’m up to team level 30 on mission 16, still been pretty addicted to this. I mostly do the daily missions and Time Rift, and have been taking my time through the main story. Just finished a PVP battle and a Joint Battle for the first time. The PVP battle was pretty close but I pulled out the win. My opponent and I came in with nearly all the same characters. The Joint Battle was pretty cool too. You control 2 characters in a 6 person party. There was a bit of team work, but mostly the other two people did their own thing.

I did notice a jump in difficulty once I hit level 25 and level 27 encounters started appearing in the world that were impossible at first. Being higher or lower level than enemies makes a massive difference. Also, if you are getting a trinity voucher or shards as the mission reward, expect it to be pretty freaking hard. I did one of those level 27 encounters at level 29 and my whole team got wrecked by 3 AOE casting mages.

A few things you should do when the game starts to get hard:

  • Boost your characters up to the highest level you can get them. Do the daily missions for Angelica to get a bunch of xp potions. I was hoarding XP potions before, but you can get a good amount per day.
  • Start forging weapons and armor to their maximum level, but only on Gold or higher quality so you can unlock additional stats.
  • Game the friend list. Just add as many people as you can. Every day you can give them friendship points (you don’t lose your own) and each of your friends can give you 5 points in return. Delete friends that haven’t been on in a couple days and add new ones. Buy good hammers and trinity vouchers and such in the store with them.
  • Hit the Time Rift so you can get enough materials to master your class. There is a class change at 20 and you can advance at 25 to get an ability. Getting the classes up improves everyone greatly. There is a sweep option which you can use to just get the materials instantly from Time Rift levels you’ve already completed. I sweep a bunch of levels before bed and then the stamina regenerates while I sleep. Sweeping also counts towards the daily Time Rift goal so you can get the reward for that in 5 seconds if you wanted.
  • The Aniki training, expeditions, and bonding stuff seem like they are pretty worthwhile as well. The +1% stat increases add up.

This is really fun and addictive. I’m normally a fan of the jrpg tactical games, nor the art style… But the endless paths of improvement are great.

Is there any reason to keep friendship vouchers? My understanding is that they are lower quality heroes… Who needs that?!

There is a daily mission to use a friendship voucher so I keep a few for that, but it’s pretty easy to get more. It’s mostly junk, but I have gotten some decent armor and weapons, as well as character shards. If you use up a bunch of them you get a couple trinity vouchers as a reward. Think I got 2 when I used a total of 50 friendship vouchers.

Trinity vouchers I only ever use in groups of 10 on the limited time events. I don’t see myself ever using them to get equipment.

I saw something on Reddit about fusion events… What are those?

They we’re saving their friendship vouchers because you run out of hero space I guess

Do you mean focus events? If so, those are the ones where you might have 3 SSRs in one banner, but you won’t get a dupe for the first one that you draw.

I’m up to level 26 now and I’m starting to see the difficulty ramp up. It’s still fun and the free gatcha vouchers have been kind, so I’ll probably stick with this for a while.

Yeah - there is a lot to do each day, and i’m a sucker for the leveling mechanics. Haven’t seen a need to spend real money, but I"m sure the pressure will start mounting there soon.

The RNG of heroes is funny. I’m loaded with mages (2 golds), spearman (1 gold), and calvary (1 gold) - but only have one archer, one melee and air unit

Indeed it’s mainly a grind after 10 hours or so, but the truthfulness to the series is quite great — dang, I must have played hundreds of hours of it to remember almost every single map in the Time Rift tree. They kept the amazing soundtrack, but I am a bit sad the old cast was fired in favour of a few actors voicing them all (Bozel without Shiozawa Kaneto’s creepy harelipped voice just isn’t the same).
I think I may enjoy it because the game is young and the power creep has yet to creep in. I notice this in the supposed “rarity” of characters: so far, some SR or R characters have turned out to be on-par with the few “super duper rare” I found.
In particular, Freya, the depressed princess from Langrisser 3, turned out to be crazy powerful to me: she is super resilient and got a power that makes her protects, as default, any character next to her, and it’s a passive. I can’t get tired of setting up death traps for the stupid various AIs to fall in.
The numbers are crazy compared to the original game, but a single point still matter for the moment, at least.
The one aspect I am not sold is the character’s portrait, especially that awkward slimey animation technique used for them, which reminds me of Victor, a traumatizing experience from my childhood.

We should share nicknames, guys! But I can’t share mine, because it’s too shameful.

Got my first rainbow character (SSR??) - Leon

He is now riding skeleton dragons or something.

I also got a gold samurai melee dude, then accidently upgraded him to a Ninja, which I immediately regretted

I’m.playing on Dark Cave server. My handle is Ulfert Halbert

Dang, the server segmentation sucks: you start anew when switching, that’s quite insane. No friending, I guess!

The friends section does have a ‘cross server’ section. Does that do anything?

I found a way: you can tap the server name in the friend search box to locate and invite him, but why the fragmentation instead of a wide search, I can’t quite understand.
Also to note: search are case sensitive. No joking around!

Hit level 27, and the grind is definitely on now.

I even run low on stamina now, and I can lose 100k gold in the blink of an eye.

Last night I did use my friendship vouchers and did about 100 friendship summons. Received two gold pieces in that whole time.

Interestingly enough, a few days ago I used 10 of the gold vouchers for the companions event, and I actually got TWO Leon’s, so I have Leon and nabbed him an extra star. The last 3 days I have done 30 gold summons for the Princess event that ends soon, and receive nada :(

I’m also getting into enchanting, which does seem needlessly RNG for what you’re trying to do… like giving my non-magic character INT boosts and the like. No thanks.

Finally - doing some of the bonding/intimacy stuff as well. Does that weird anyone else out as much as it weirds me out? Like, why… and the females are so lovestruck… it’s annoying.

Still really enjoying it. The amount of stuff to do is really fun and I can play it pretty much anywhere! Haven’t been this addicted to a mobile game since Solitairica

That became a thing around Der Langrisser/Langrisser 2 (the Tokimeki Memorial effect, which you could say even rippled years later accross the ocean into Bioware games).
To their credit, those games didn’t just let you nail anything that came across the main character’s path: the multiple storyline paths were taken to quite wide extremes I won’t spoil in case they show up in some manners in this game.

I’m at level 30 now and the difficulty is actually kind of fun, eeking out some close, tense battles. However at the current trajectory I’ll likely hit a wall soon.

I wish I can sweep some of the secret realm stuff, but no, I have to let it play out and drain batteries.

I share your feeling: despite the unexpectedly large numbers, the battles are much closer to the feel of the first two games than the later games ever dreamed to be. Probably because the much smaller scale gets around the spellcasting bloat of those games (the attack/defense boosting spells were totally overpowered and ruining any balance).

I have been running a really interesting team in PvP. I’m level 27 and can beat folks up to about 32 with the turtle strategy.

I have Vargas at point and he moves first. I then have Almeda (Heal, Defense Buff, Healing Attack), Chris (Passive friendly buff, attack buff, healing attack) and Anna (Heal, Regeneration, Mass Defense Buff) along with Hein (Fireball, Lightning Strike, Teleport)

This has worked against everyone except folks who have units with so much attack that they can overpower Vargas.

Basically, Vargas moves up and casts Unbreakable Guardian. Almeda moves up and casts Defense on Vargas. Chris moves up and casts Strengthen, and Anna casts regeneration.

The enemy responds by swarming Vargas. He typically loses about 1/2 his health during these attacks, but he damages any unit that hits him with melee. The next round Chris and Almeda fire off their healing ranged attacks, and Vargas is back to full health. Anna casts mass defense. Hein will have then moved into position to attack whichever enemy unit got ahead to a flanking position. If it is cavalry, he smokes them with lightning strike. If it is melee, he smokes them with fireball. If it is a flyer then he just takes a chunk of their health.

The next round ensues and my group is at full health and buffed, and typically the enemy is down one unit with the rest of the group injured and way behind the healing curve. At this point the war of attrition is in full effect, and within the next 2 or 3 rounds the enemy is gone and my group is full health (unless Hein has put himself in position for a counter-attack).

As I said, i’ve only lost one time when the first attack overwhelmed Vargas (that person was 8 levels higher than me). I also ALMOST lost when the enemy had a spear unit with the ‘Barb’ function that whittled Vargas down to the point he had to use his second life… but I still won that one.

Pretty fun to watch.

I just got Vargas the other day, haven’t used him much yet since I’ve been happy with Freya, but heard he’s pretty much the best lancer at high level.

My team is Freya as the tank, she protects everyone and her protection range is increased with Lance Phalanx along with her defense. She has a pre-fight attack at full health, and she can attack with Barb twice after the fight with Lance Phalanx active. She’s a total beast.

Matthew is my cavalry, upgraded him to Grand Knight so he rides a skeleton dog thing with really good Move. He can do a special attack at range, and another attack which does good damage and prevents the enemy from being able to heal for a turn.

Sophia is my healer, she has the basic heal, but also mass heal and strengthen. Mass heal is also good at getting rid of everyones debuffs.

Lana is sorceress I upgraded into a Summoner. She has two ranged spells, one of which heals her. She also uses a ballista so she can attack archers and others at range without being hit. She can also summon a skeleton which acts as another unit and can cast fireball. It’s not really powerful, but it does give extra damage and makes the enemy waste their turn attacking it.

Lewin is my swordsman, he debuffs the hell out of enemies before he attacks which is nice. I like tossing him next to Freya. The enemy cavalry go right for him and get destroyed by Freya guarding. He’s pretty good, but I’d like to get an SSR swordsman.

Last up is Luna, my flier. She was so OP earlier in the game, but now has leveled off. She’s still really good though and can move 5+3 times with Wind Spiral.

You have better heroes than I do - and I suspect my strategy won’t hold up once I get into the 30’s, because Vargas will get de-buffed.

He is really good however - the highest defense in the game, and his Unbreakable Guardian protect a range of two tiles.

That’s a nice line up you got there @Bandersnatch. Luna + Lana + free Cherie and you have a princess faction team once you hit lvl 35. I’ve had slightly better than average luck in pulling SSRs (2.5%) but one of them was a dupe, and they’re kind of scattered across the factions, so…

@dionisus1122 3 healers is certainly a way to go! Can’t say I’ve come across a team like that yet (and I haven’t been brave enough to tackle teams 5 levels higher…been more of a bully targeting lower levels) I’m surprised Vargas doesn’t get one shot from a strong swordsman though, and I imagine it will work less well against real players in world arena (which I’ve so far shied away from) who have ways to break guard, attack your tank from range, etc.

no doubt - so far the extensive buffs have kept him alive for the first wave, which gives my healers time for their healing attacks + my sorcer - but i know that at some point that shit just isn’t going to fly. I don’t know if I will ever get into the live PvP stuff, that isn’t really my cup of tea.

Still, it is really fun, and I have to imagine someone watching the battle replay would be pissed.

At my level, most groups consist of cavalry/spear/healer/flyer/melee. Sometimes the melee is swapped out for an archer or mage… but they’ve diluted the strength too much against my turtle setup.

To your point, someone dumping 2 or 3 melee characters with healing of their own would likely rip through it.