Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

btw, I’m Mororeflex on Celliar Lake, feel free to add me anyone, I just freed up some inactives from my friends list.

(also, though I’m often “online” I’m just as likely afk since I leave it running on the PC)

I’ve got elite lancers maxxed (and I’m at 50% basic lancer training). They are my highest troop training priority (followed by fliers), although of course there’s only so much you can focus given the Anki rotations and rotating daily expedition rewards.

I’ve begun progressing again though. I decided to use a good portion of my saved up burgers (or whatever the “gives 50 stamina” item you get several of per day is) and pushed my account level to 35. I’ve moved Ledin, Almeda, Lewin, Grenier, Cherie, and Sonya all to their final class upgrades after spending a pile of the Guild coins for the materials (I already got the monthly runestone, and thanks again @wisefool for all the carrying for that stuff). That was a nice pile of stat upgrades. I also got Last Knight to level 30, and decided to upgrade a couple of SR weapons to 20 to boost my effectiveness. Also I didn’t realize the next time rift was just going to unlock with story progression but now it has. I’ll circle back for Leon in 3-7 in a bit.

Boost those SRs about as much as you can reasonably afford! Level 30/40/50 is quite a power boost… And don’t forget your enchants.

35 is arguably the biggest brake on the game until 60… But it does pick up again fairly quickly

I just hit 25. Is there any room left in the guild?

I’m also at 25, should hit 26 today.

Should be room, someone did inactive pruning two days ago if not i’ll go check on inactives and disable automatic acceptance. Will need name in that case.

What are you supposed to do with Trinity Crystals? Just buy vouchers?

I spend 40 to refill stamina, often I spend 60 as well to do it twice.

The rest for tickets when there’s a hero I want/need.

Black market: never spend your gold, these rates are awful and gold is a big bottleneck. It costs 2 million to get an item to 50.

Honor points: I buy all the limited stuff, if I have spares I buy random accessories (unlimited)

Friendship: Vouchers, and spares buy hammers or xp pots.

Equipment: silver ore goes to gold (later you’ll have lots), otherwise buy rare martial spirits (300) to upgrade your SR gear.

Golden ore is too valuable for anything other than epic martial spirits (the thing that lets you raise maximum equipment level).

I also use silver ore if I need a specific enchantment pack as well.

Yes, the silver ore is really good value for the enchant packs. I also buy SR weapons, because I am still lacking that AOE SR staff and hope to have it drop there.

For Honor points, instead of buying the 200 SR accessory packs, I focus on the 300 accessory packs. They have quite a decent chance to drop an SSR.

For Golden Ore, I roll the gatcha gear. I think it depends on your style of play: a lot of people seem to focus on getting very few characters geared to the max. I have only one such really strong character: I spend my time and ressources raising a roster of 20 other characters in the 3500-4000 strength index that I enjoy using. When they get an SSR they might use, I keep it, otherwise either I use duplicates to upgrade some of the gears I kept, or just send them back from whence they come and get half (100) of my golden ore back in the process.

For Trinity Crystals, I keep 3000 in stock at all time for the monthly lotto. Like @wisefool, I spend about 100 daily for stamina, but otherwise hardly for anything else. Money most likely, when the rolls are lucky and time is rough.

Enchant packs are a really good way to become bankrupt.

That’s just 2000 silver ore/week, and 250.000 bucks for the 50 scrolls you get there, and even for those minuscule odds of rolling a 10%+ modifier, that’s pretty cheap!

I hoard every single drop of trinity crystals to fight the gatcha beast. At level 60 you get a daily mission to spend 300 stamina in the secret realm to get 2 rainbow keys: I can hit that without using crystals to buy stamina, and my burger reserve is still steadily increasing.

As for red ore I gamble for ssr weapons 3 times a week: its truly a gamble, as there lots of junk ssr weapons and fewer junk armors and helms; but a good ssr weapon can be game changing.

Mithril ore is only good for scrolls and gold later on, but I would suggest gambling for sr helms if you dont have a sage hat. There are also lots of good sr helms that has the same effect as their ssr counterparts (horror helm, performers mask)

Oh? I was saving for an SSR (I’m at 600 honor). Maybe I will give it a try.

So true. I didn’t know about that hat until 3 weeks ago when my wife got her first. It’s amazing and one of the most important items in the game.

You’d better save for that guaranteed SSR: decent chances means roughly 5% or something in that game.

T777. Thanks!

I don’t buy them willy nilly - but if i’m rolling an enchant an enchant for my healer and I run out of scrolls before getting +int… well, then I swing over and grab a pack

@pizzaddict dunno if you got guild membership sorted, but nobody invites you FWIW. Just search for “Shadows End” and apply, you should get in automatically (unless it’s full).

So I am trying to do the second Timeless trial mission and a message keeps blinking on the screen saying “Mission has been Reset”. The banner for it on the dailies page says Reset Cooldown: 1Min. It has said that for awhile now , like over 30 minutes. What gives?

There is a problem with Timeless Trial Mission right now. It’s the greeting message when you launch the game, and you got a mail about it ;)