Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Yeah, that mission is a pain. Doesn’t seem like it should be tough (lvl 58!) but it was.

There was some video of a neat combo with Sumire I saw. Angelica uses seem skill that splits the solider away from Sumire as a separate unit (so sumire gets that stat bonus) and Sumire rushes enemy formation with Iris’ teleport.

I kinda liked her from the test drive they let us enjoy in the event.

I think she’s fun too. The bleed is powerful, she’s got some aoe and debuff potential, and she has some nice skill variety.

He was. Quite easily, even (the hardest part was making sure everybody flew away from the real fight). Amazing what a difference a single star can make.

@peacedog, you were right, there is some deep trouble in the WA AI. It’s near impossible to win on auto, the troops will go randomly wherever and do nothing 1/4 of the time. My favourite part is how the new Listell AI focus on meleeing the strongest tank, all the time. A winning strategy!

That’s wild. Devs must have broken something although one wonders how the AI got broken (not that we haven’t seen it before). I’ve been reading those complaints from the last couple of weeks about people’s Liana doing weird things/againing really weird targets (that they typically didn’t used to do).

I did a few equipment pulls. Just 40. I got RNG luck though.

1x ribbon, 2x armor (this was all one pull!)
1x ghostblade
1x goddess’ let hand (rando)

No teddy bear, sadly. Dango thinks the armor is perfect for Juggler. Ghostblade will go with Leonhardt or Sakura I expect.

Does the blade buff/debuff apply to AoEs?

Slightly tempted to pull in case the peacedog luck continues to rub off, but I’ll save my crystals for characters I’ll never get around to building instead.

Also, no extra GoF, travesty.

If I heard Dango right in his video, he says yes.

Sadly no Teddy Bears, which I assume the game deliberately witheld to get me to spend more to get more rolls.

Our next Banner is Juggler/Zerida, and I would like both. Time to build up before then again (I actually have a good pile of crystals I am refusing to touch, except for occasional $$).

In related news Red Cav is now level 6.

Oh, questions:

As I inch upward in power, at what point do I start considering e.g. level 70 dragons? Or trying to push ahed in the Bonding Realm?

I think you should be able to do all the 70 dragons. Your Elwin and Leon are a little stronger than mine I think. Bonding realms 65 are a little easier than 70 dragons so should also be doable.

Fire- easiest way is to do leongrisser it with 3 cheerleaders and a tank. Leon can stay out of the dragon’s debuff range, the tank sits right next to him to soak damage, and Liana/Tiaris/Sophia or Iris for support.

Ice - The toughest part is for your mages to survive the dragon’s physical attack. I had to put performer’s mask on Luna and some other tricks to debuff the dragon’s atk.

Thunder - This one I very narrowedly beat (literally on turn 15 counter attack), but your Elwin’s 6* and mine is 5* so you might have a easier time. I did switch Ledin to King from Templar so that he wouldn’t get one shot while tanking for Leon (this was back when I had Elwin as the one decent infantry/lancer. If your Bern/Sakura/Sumire/Vargas is built enough you might be able to attack the drake with more units, though that comes with their own complications with the mechanics)

Dark - it’s easy. Basically same as 65.

Also, go buy that Lana robe from the secret realms shop! It’s probably the best item there, and will make your Time Trials/Ice dragon/Leviar easier.

I recently got my Sophia to 60 and she has okish gear, so I’ll try that.

I don’t have any joystick points yet (I never could beat that first challenge from the prior event). I’m going to try the challenges here and the ones always available, Lana robe is definitely first on my list.

It occurs to me I could sumire/Sakura the thunder dragon from outside of his range with the aoes. But only a couple of times. Still that might be nice, especially with the bleeds. Although neither of them is very powerful yet. I’ve upgraded Elwin some since I last bumped up dragon tiers though (6*, some bonds, a few minor enchant upgrades, Aeneas helm is now maxxed). I will take Frontal Assault for that I think.

Sophia doesn’t need much for that strategy. Mass attack Leon when Chivalry’s down, Rewind him for more Chivalry, and enough HP to survive AoE.

The DPS check on Thunder is the hardest part, so AoEs probably won’t help. Plus he’s immune to percentage based fixed damage, which is what those bleeds are.

This inspired me to get off my butt and start on the 70 dragons. (Also, it’s slow at work this afternoon.) I did Fire with Leon (~6K), Ledin (~5.5K), and Liana/Iris/Sophia (only Liana is really built to use, the rest stole my mage gear from real mages)… not easily, but with a couple of turns to spare once I worked out the dragon’s action order. More than a little bit above the 65 bonding realm, but not prohibitive at all. Switching in Sophia for Altemuller (faction buff and a slightly easier non-boss clear) was the difference from my earlier attempts; Rewind kind of breaks things and Strengthen is good enough. Much appreciated for that.

Yeah, one thing I like about her is that her 3 core skills aren’t really stat dependent. I mean sure the Rewind heal isn’t as good if she’s not build like a first teamer but so what. Regen is based on target health and the attack buff is always useful.

I didn’t know why you complained about the bear, but I got one, and yeah, I get it, nice item for a Tiaris :D

The sword is really cool. I got two and one is going to Sakura (doh), the other to Kirikaze probably.

The armor is tricky. I don’t see anybody using it but my Luna, maybe, although the ranged requirement of the trigger makes it useless for a bow one. And a flyer one being target by a ranged attack is dead. Hrrrm, weird one.

Haven’t got the hat, but I got another pair of “move again 2 blocks” boots, which is one of my absolute favourite accessories, so yay!

The banner sure is unusually generous: I got all this+a couple extra junk out of 4 draws, and one was a total dud. I got 2x2 SSRs, and 1x3SSRs.

What luck! Thankfully I’m not much tempted by equipment banners so I’ll be able to stay strong for this.

@Kyrios Grats on Fire clear. Dark 70 should be really easy for you as well, if you haven’t done it already. Also, everyone has a stronger Leon than I do. Don’t remember the last time I’ve encountered a weaker Leon than mine (especially in WA)

Obviously any support buffer could take advantage but that seems like the best use for it.

I guess I will probably replace Hrunting with this sword on Leonhardt at some point. I wound up with two swords as I did one more pull after the last post (I had 6 cards and rounded them up) and got another ribbon + another sword. So one for Leon and one for Sakura. I totally forgot I did this but just remembered when I went to look at the hat again. Lol.

Hat I’m not sure about, seems like it’s something that wouldn’t come up a lot in high end pvp (where you are basically mostly/all alive or dead on the type of characters who would use it).