Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

I would guess that Hrunting is better for Leonhardt, his skill isn’t high enough to crit reliably.

It’s for fliers/assassins/archer types. If below 50% health, it heals 20% of max health (at end of turn iirc).

Ew, that class restriction sucks. Makes no sense too, none of the girls are any of those!

I left out Aquatic but yeah. Seems like an odd item for the banner.

Oh, Nice one for Angelina then I guess.

I didn’t even think about that. Should work well on her.

70 Ice Dragon was too much. I don’t think I can kill it in time but eventually it one shot Lana, rendering the point moot. So I’ve got a little work to do before I can bump up there.

I think all those dragons get a huge attack boost around turn 10, meaning you need to really kill their guards fast.
I usually just try my hand with the guards, and if I see I can’t clear them right away, give up.

Might have been turn 10 I’m not sure. I think I made a positioning error or two along the way that dragged out getting to him. The guards I can do. Leon needs to use everything to one shot witch #1 but with attack buff + again he can then take out witch #2, and then I just sort of pour everything on the first squid and get him next turn. Made first error after that iirc, as I didn’t position Leon to get to the witch #3 right away and had to delay a turn.

I also tried the 70 Ice today, and that’s not going to be a thing for a bit, I don’t think. Lana needs was more survivability than I currently have her geared/enchanted for. I’m a week away from getting her to 5*, so I’ll probably try again after that. Not too surprised, since Ice was the last one I was able to do at 65.

@peacedog - I think you probably will want to pull the Leon entirely. If Bozel/Lana can’t one-turn the squids and tank the witches, they’re not going to survive the full dragon fight anyways, and it’s too much of a handicap to have a complete blank for 2/3rds of the fight.

A fair point. I can tank the squid, enough. Not sure abnout witches yet (Bozel: probably; Lana: ?). I suppose my third mage should be Rachel. Working on her stuff as much as I can.

I see leisurely autoing Lanas too often dying to sorceresses duels even with the blessing, so she most likely wouldn’t survive, unless she got some heavy support, like being under Luna’s talent’s influence.

The turn 10 enrage only applies to Dark dragon I believe. For all the other dragons I went past turn 10 without issues (I beat thunder on turn 15 via counterattack, literallly last second)

But yeah, for most of the 70 dragons there’s a dps check component, so you can’t dilly dally with the trash.

You could try AoEing away some of their troops if their single target is too strong for Lana to handle. (Better yet, black hole them and they’ll likely stop to dispel) Also remember that your own sorceress get a hefty MDEF boost if you’re at full health – that’s basically the game once you get to the dragon proper, Debuff drake when it’s time for physical attack, keep health at 100% to tank magical attack.

Rachel might be of limited use in Ice, since she won’t have a faction buffer (unless you Gospel…) On the other hand, she is pretty tanky for a mage, and having heals in the dragon range (once you’re stuck there) would be helpful.

Thunder 60 and 65 did it for me. You probably didn’t notice it because of your WolvElwin, but my Vargas/Alte duo sure felt it!
I can’t speak for the others as they went down quite quickly.

That was a stupid but fun joint battle, @peacedog :D

I just checked but nobody talks about the Thunder Dragon enraging. Which is weird: he definitely got an ATK buff near the end of the fight, making him take out almost all my team even debuffed. I barely could kill him before he killed Aluca… Altemuller, I meant.

So my mage options are basically thus:

Lana + Bozel - them you know, they’re mu best mages, they’re at 5500+/5200+. Basically I’m waiting for the right gear option or just rolling for enchants, and getting the occasional bond upgrade. Still a few gear upgrades going on for existing gear (Lana is using a level 30 death robe e.g.). Lana is 767 pre-deploy int (and 4*). So like not good enough for high level PVP (but then none of my characters are wooooooo).

Rachel - my next best mage, she’s waaaaay back and under everything’d. I can put the other Red Moon onm her though, which boost her some. Her acessory is still 20 (true corss) and she doesn’t have any good SSR gear in head/body. Although I have some stuff lying around (Baldr’s, a dark helm, etc). At least she can provide utility via healing and the occasional mdef reduction, although I don’t think she’s going to hold up too well against the dragon.

Shelf - not a single target option really, and if I’m using her to buff Lana primarily I should be looking at another mage. She is using the other Red Moon though. Some bonds done, she’s behind Rachel though.

Liffany -w ay behind. Basically borderline competent right now.

So who would I bring? There aren’t other good options at this time. Idon’t know how Chris does in this battle but I screwed her up a long time ago and can’t get her into the right class without two runestones (don’t at me!).

@Left_Empty - when that guy moved the blocker I was like “uh, oh dear” but glad it worked out :P.

It’s nice to know my Leon can manage as a primary dps in that fight at 60.

I have a couple of tankie enchanted mage sets (the plain -10% dmg enchant) set on secondary characters that I swap to the primary characters when I meet a challenge that makes damage check on them. It sometimes provide the little extra help needed.

Hmm, with Vargas/Alte combo how are you dispelling both of the drake’s buffs? Battlecry just dispels one right?

Yes, but even them his dmg output wasn’t posing much of a threat to Vargas. Alte would retreat when needed, providing relay for some extra healing to the Brilliant Bald. I won at the end because Alte was out of range when the thunder dragon suddenly killed my Vargas. I assumed he had benefited from some boost, since Vargas had never been remotely in danger until that point.
Alte finished the dragon, but that was awfully close.
I should point out that Vargas had spent his extra life on the initial mobs (he often did, without the goddess blessing)

In other oddities, I found Sakura’s talent activate almost all the time, but some enemies seem impervious to it (like those skelton spellcasters, who got an amazing… 51SKL). I can’t figure out the reason.

Anybody tried the challenges? There must be some translation wackyness going on, because I just can’t figure what the hell is happening from reading the descriptions. Some of the descriptions are beyond cryptic.