Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

190 pulls:

100 - pity Yusuke.
120 - Kurama.
190 - Leon. should have stopped at 120.

Can’t complain though. Kurama seems kind of lackluster. His talent reduces CD, but his skills, even his single target has absurd (6) cooldowns. Probably similar to Renne in that he’ll do pretty well in PvE challenges with his various skills ignoring some MDEF, but probably similar to Renne in that he’ll remain 3* for me.

I’ve got Yusuke in a maxed Ymir, 30 Last Rites, 20 Odin’s Battle Helm, and now a 40 Holy Badge thingy. The latter was thanks to some ored gear, and the fact that I decided to roll on two accessories in the memory shop store (Grail, my third badge). My previous 3 spirits went into the Yimir’s of course.

I went Breeze, because fuck it I trhink I’ll just convert my entire team to breeze and never get enough enchant scrolls for anything. Ok attack roll (9%, and I think a few % in hp), a 15% hp roll on the Rites (but nothing else, sob), and mediocre rolls on helm/accessory. Lot of room to improve there. Wardstone rolls were ok. I got a decent attack (24) on the weapon and a 48 on the PVP. Also have most of his bonds done (I think he’s 6 on Defense).

Also, thank god for the Echo of Light Runestone. I thought I had the memory shop runestone available and 1 runestone in the inventory but the one in my inventory I think was this month’s Memory runestone. So I was able to get all masteries for Yusuke.

By Holy Badge do you mean Overlord? If so, lucky!

Probably going to be a month before I start GoF’ing Yusuke. Luckily he seems usable at 5*.

I tried 70 Valk the “proper” way, seems impossible, then I did it via Listell and heal reversal. Complete it before it’s fixed!

Fuck no sorry (I wish hahahaha). Uh, Judge’s badge maybe? It gitves attack, defense, and a bonus when attacking holy units.

Ah, Judge Talisman. I was about to be jealous!

Yes! Thank you. Too lazy to look it up. TBH I’m exhausted after solid luck pulling for a character best in the mode I hate, so I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I kind of like owning Rainforce because he’s so goofy.

Also, I now need to build Matthew.

I only had 40 pulls saved up, and got a Kurama that goes to the back of the line. Dumping more resources into a chance at a Yusuke over the next couple of weeks seems unwise, but we’ll see.

Not super thrilled about the Listell-Valk thing, with how hard the non-Listell way is and the fact that it’s potentially a meaningful difference in early S3 Apex. (As if missing Listell wasn’t handicap enough already.) They are really bad at designing around one-off abilities as a rule. Power-wise I’m not that far off from doing it ‘right’, but the positioning seems like a huge challenge without 1-2 Apex Boots. Going to top off my Vargas in the interim while I think about how to get there (and if it’s worth getting there before the Listell banner in late March, anyways).

Yulia hit 6* today, and Landius will get there next Thursday… I think I’m probably going to spend those on opening gates and getting all the crystals for a bit, then think about if I want to push more heroes from 5 to 6, or get some newer ones to 4/5 and usable.

Yeah, I just saw a vid where someone did it the proper way, and it doesn’t seem too bad if you have the empire gang well built (which I don’t, hence suffering with Slepnir) I wonder if you get the yellow moons from 65 Temples though, simlar to how you get the cores with pretty good regularity in 60 Temples. Yulia will probably be great for Scylla 70 at least.

This is actually the case! So maybe not quite as bad.
The annoying thing is that you don’t just need a good Empire/Origin crew, you need a very specifically good Empire/Origin crew: the healers/casters are pretty worthless, it’s very hard to use anyone with only 3 move because of the positioning of the heal spots, Jugler is an outright inferior tank because of the mechanic of the fight, etc. Oh well, will get there eventually.

Yup - Scylla was somehow one of the easiest for me at 65, and hopefully plugging Yulia in for Chris makes 70 a relatively easy jump. (It won’t be that simple.) I’m guessing we won’t be able to basically duo Leviar with Bozel/Lana this time. Should be interesting.

Strike that, apparently they give out a free +1 mobility? Weird, good. Might be closer to this than I thought, then. (…Vargas!)

From what I’ve heard Leviar is pretty much the same, except the heal reversal debuff lasts 2 turns. I’m trusting in my 9 clocks that I can clear it without issues :)

For 65 temples I had the most trouble with Phoenix, but now I have a stronger Yeless/Protag team and Elwin is actually 6* now so we’ll see. (Also 9 clocks)

9 clocks makes a lot of things easier. Not easy. But easier.

Just checked out the 3c for Kurama and Yusuke, Kurama’s makes him usable I guess. At 6* he can basically alternate between his transformation, his ST and his 3C version of his AoE.

Yusuke’s 3c is pretty damn good though. Basically his normal ST + the heal negation from sword soul. I can definitely see switching Elwin out for him when I 6* him … in 3 months or so. (less damage than Elwin, but more range and some fun situational stuff)

I was wrong. Leviar is pretty different. Fairly fun fight though (for someone who is heavily invested in Princess/mage units.)

Proptip, if you can’t find your top mage unit, it’s probably because you can deploy 6 characters now and she’s hiding on top of Leviar. Took me a good while to clue in.

Yeah, I just got Leviar done first try with a kind of odd Princess team, and it was a lot of fun. You need at least one strong physical ranged attacker, good thing Narm and H&M are a thing. I could see a quite a few different combos managing to get that done… Luna might be the closest to a must-have.

Oh yeah I 6-starred 3 SRs in the recent frenzy. Liffany remains my only noteworthy SR who isn’t 6*.

I’m 33/35 on the 6* heroes feat. Going to miss those tickets when I finally run out of those.

Still got to go back and do those lvl 20/30 etc. dragons

I cleared out some of those awhile ago, I can’t recall if I got all of them. I should check.

I am, once again, behind in moving up certain things (dragon, Bonding Realm, Temple) so I’ve started moving up again. Did nightmare ice today, and Leviar whatever the one below max is.

So Scylla 70 was surprisingly easy, one shot it with a Matthew/Elwin/Yulia/Liana/Tiaris/crappy Cherie team. Well, still took a full 15 turns and got quite tense near the end there, so maybe not easy, except in hindsight.

Phoenix on the other hand, ugh. Tried 5 or 6 times probably, got him down to ~100k health a few times but kept running out of turns or units. Hopefully lvl70 units next week will make the difference. Luckily sweeping 65 still gave me the moon.

I was juuuuust short on damage for Scylla on the first try, under 50K, with a team that had basically two blanks (Elwin/Yulia/Narm/Liana/Jugler/Joshua). Actually, Jugler was pretty useful, since he can whack the small spawns, eat fully buffed Horror without caring too much, and get in a few legit hits with Beast Shock. Joshua was a best-of-bad-choices thing, though, and didn’t contribute even to the level of my very low expectations. I’ve been pumping resources into Matthew and hope to get it done with him tomorrow… or at worst, this weekend once I have his 3C awakening.

Valk non-Listell went very smoothly on Monday with a built-up Vargas. Phoenix on Sunday was a mess, though I only had a little time to play with it. (Sundays in general aren’t great, especially when I’m already scrounging time to do the JB.) I think I need to get more aggressive with atk-down debuffs to offset no-Tiaris; it’s definitely doable, just need to think it through.

Got up to an A+ in H&M (without the rewinds I think I’d have stuck on A - getting that value!)… looks like I’m going to slide just out of the top 100 for the cycle. Goals for next time, for sure.