Lantern City

Been following this for a while and it’s still not clear if it’ll die on the vine or make it out the gate, but signs are pretty positive I think. Getting kinda excited so please, Qt3 hive mind, help me manage my own expectations.

The new Steampunk show Lantern City, from executive producer Bruce Boxleitner, is an exciting foray into fan-inspired and fan-created television. It combines first-rate storytelling, innovative production design, and a rich world that fans will fall in love with. Even though it will blend great science fiction with dynamic storylines, at its heart the show asks two questions: how far would you go to be with the person you love and what lengths would you go to in order to survive?

Lantern City highlights the steampunk genre to create a one-of-a-kind television experience. Other properties have had Steampunk elements, but this is the first mainstream television show to proudly wear the label of Steampunk. Current fans of the subgenre will not be disappointed and it will attract a much wider audience to the long neglected world of Steampunk. The show is unique in that it allows viewers to be involved in the process – a first for any television show.

Bruce Boxleitner thinks he can sell a Steam Punk Saga to the Networks Lantern City exists in a parallel universe where the Victorians survived and the style of that period permeates their milieu. The site is not very old and Boxleitner has put some money behind this along with Trevor Crafts co producer he worked with Boxleitner on Smokewooda TV comedy pilot “It’s Parks and Recreation Meets Tombstone.”

Matthew James Daley has the title of writer for the show no profile on the IMDB. He is in the forums over at Lantern City. The creators of the show have asked for fan participation either by submitting props and costumes for consideration and ideas for fleshing out the world.

Back story is a bit thin we have Terrans transported to Lantern City (the Outsiders) the Greymen Empire the Working Class who are starved and abused kept in a state of despair. Finally the Underground escapees of Lantern City who are ploting revolution even as they live in the anarchy under the city.

I think you can see B5 in the mix of character classes it makes for subplots galore as it moves along an arc of succession and rebellion. Nothing on casting but we can assume Boxleitner will be playing a lead role in one of the factions.

This could be timed just right with the success of Game of Thrones. Not sure if it is serious sci fi or a more campy angle.

BB:…But I do have a project that I’m trying to launch, and you may want to go to the site if you’d like to investigate more. I’ve got a young production team and I’m trying more for right now to get behind the camera and develop a project called Lantern City – my ultimate goal is to bring the genre of steampunk to mainstream television. I think I’ve got the greatest script in the world; in fact, I’ve had John Rhys-Davies looking at it and he thought it was the best script he’s seen in twenty years in sci-fi or genre. You can go online to and see I’ve got a great young production team and we’re putting together a package right now – a pitch-package, that’s what you need to do in Hollywood – and we’ve already filmed footage, that’s what I’m working on now. Maybe this time of my life it’s also about helping somebody else up, a young team of very very talented people, and somebody who needs a leg up in something, so I attach my name to it, and I’m working hard on it with them; we’ve gotten I don’t know how many hits and stuff in the new media. 32,000 on Facebook and 180,000 some on Twitter, and these are the things new Hollywood is looking at. It’s a very different world than I remember, but I’m Tron – I’d better get with it, right?

N: Yes, definitely.

BB: So if we get all our ducks in a row, we’re going to pitch this to producers very soon. I would love to go to something like one of the cables. Game of Thrones… I would say it’s Boardwalk Empire in a steampunk world. If you can imagine that.

N: Yes.

BB: We as an audience have been taken just about everywhere. Like I said, we were in outer space for most of the ’90s with the Star Trek shows and Babylon 5 and so on, and we’ve got a real opportunity here to take things some place they haven’t been. I think if you talk to the average person, “What is steampunk?”, the guy in the street’s not even gonna know what that is. That’s what I want. I wanna take them someplace they’ve never been, and I think we have a very exciting venue to do that with engrossing characters. It’s not about just to do steampunk; it’s… we wanna do it right. We’ve embraced the steampunk community, which is huge, asking for their ideas, their designs and things like that, and we’ve got some of the best already on it, artists and craftsmen, so on and so forth, and we’re ginning up a lot of interest that’ll be very important to go into an executive’s office with. So anyway, that’s what I’m on. An executive producer role is the most creative place to be; the actor has the least amount of creativity on a show or a movie. I learned a lot on Babylon 5, so to create a saga like this, I think I’ve got the credibility. And that’s what’s inspired me: we could have a Babylon 5-like thing. I mean, Joe could have created a planet, a city; he chose to do his location for his story for his characters on this space station, and it became a character itself, did it not?

N: Oh yeah.

BB: It became very much a character. And so with Lantern City.

As wonderful as John Rhys-Davies is on the screen I have to ask, does he have creds for judging scripts?

J. Michael Straczynski was what made B5 work. Having an actor from that show exec produce this show doesn’t really mean anything. I mean, I don’t want to cast aspersions on Boxleitner, who could be an excellent judge of material and a dab hand at producing for all I know. But I see no reason to get hyped until there’s an actual show airing.

I like JRD a lot, especially his voice, but he’s not been above appearing in some really awful stuff. Of course, taking crappy parts in crappy productions doesn’t mean you’re unable to judge a good script. After all, the guy has to make a living.

The better question, I think, is does Bruce Boxleitner have the chops to produce and help create a good genre show?