Laptop battery voltages

Hi guys. I have a trusty laptop whose battery has long ago given up the ghost, so I’m looking to replace it. The current battery is a 11.1V 3600mAh Li-Ion, but when I look on Ebay for replacements, I see a number of 14.4V batteries for the same model laptop. What is the difference? If I buy the 14.8v, will it fry my laptop? Again, it is for the same model laptop, so I wouldn’t think so - is the increase in volts just an indication that it is a longer lasting battery, or what? I also see 3900 mAh batteries… what does all this mean, and which should I buy? They are all similar prices.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Anyone? I’d like to buy one soon so it is there when I get home for Christmas. Thanks in advance!

Hopefully Dr.Crypt figured his problem out ten years ago, I have a similar question that I hope gets more attention.

I’m replacing my HP TM2t-1100 laptop battery, marked MU06 593554-001 10.8V - 55WA. I’ve found model, with three variants at differing mAh levels. Other than the highest one being a different shape (what’s with that? Will it still fit?), does the higher mAh have any other implications beyond simply extending battery life, like being significantly hotter (reducing my sperm count), or having a shorter overall lifespan?

The mAh just tells you (theoretically) how long it will last. The physically larger ones just have a bulge that sticks out of the bottom of the laptop, which can affect the portability of it (by not fitting correctly in a laptop bag or something), but the only performance differences would be a longer 0-100% charge time and longer battery life.

Sometimes, the different shapes are on purpose. My current Toshiba “ultrabook” (R800) has 2 models of batteries, a 6-cell and a 9-cell. The 6-cell would keep the laptop flat like an ultrabook, while a 9-cell would tilt the keyboard up…i.e. the laptop doesn’t sit flat. Sorry I have no pictures.

I’ve also used a Dell at work, where the extra capacity battery sticks out the back, extending past the LCD, but keeping the laptop flat.

Hm, ok. Considering I use the tablet to draw, and form factor is pretty important, I think I’ll spring for the middle of the range one that won’t modify the silhouette. Thanks guys!