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So I’m looking at notebooks online, kind of wish-browsing or whatever. I zip on over to the trusty ol’ (note how the URL isn’t so long it scrolls off the dame page) and stumble across ECS Desknotes.

So here’s a motherboard and other parts maker now producing their own line of laptops, it appears. And whereas the cheapest notebooks of those other brands still start at $725 or so for a P4-2.4, these new ECS thingies are starting at $534 on the same pricing engine for the same thing[li].
Question: What the fuck? Has anyone used one of these? If they don’t suck, shouldn’t they be destroying the market at $200 cheaper per unit than competing low-end laptops? Anyone used one or know what the deal is? Anyone seen any reviews or tested them or anything?

[size=2][*] By same thing, I mean more-or-less comparable in RAM, CPU, drive space, screen size, etc. I am very well aware that they aren’t down to the letter identical.[/size]

I could be wrong, but it seems that they aren’t true notebooks- they have no battery- it’s intended to be used as a desktop computer that’s more portable than most. They do sell external battery packs and car adaptors, though.

Yeah, those laptops are so cheap because they use desktop parts. That’s not a problem if you’re not planning to turn it on away from an electrical outlet, but you’re screwed if you were hoping to be able to take notes in class or something like that. Pricier notebook-optimized CPU’s and video chips use a helluva lot less power than desktop-optimized CPU’s and video chips. Whereas you can milk 3 or 4 hours out of a good Dell, you’re lucky to get 30 minutes out of one of those other kind of laptops.

I’m looking forward to Intel’s Banias mobile chip. Reportedly, it packs P3 and P4 power, but the damn thing uses less than a watt of electricity. By comparison, a desktop P4 or Athlon XP can easily burn 80 watts of electricity.

A few reviews from

Desknote XP i-buddie:

Desknote A900:

If I recall correctly, there was some discussion on that site that new desknotes are a-coming – with fully upgradeable CPUs and the like. I also remember something about how they’re gonna sell an external battery pack, but I can’t find a reference.

They are dirt cheap because they use desktop components, but, then again, so do a lot of “discount” laptops these days (look at whether it’s a P4-M or a regular P4 on those notebooks!)