Laptop having trouble staying on wireless network

Hi all.

My lady has a HP vista laptop, I’m on XP. We have a dLink modem (default one issued by our ISP) and she has trouble staying online and other times when she starts up her laptop it won’t get a connection at all or it’s extremely slow.

We aren’t sure why, any ideas? Connection is a ADSL, not super fast, but we’re on one of the better plans in NZ. The Xbox and my laptop have no trouble, even when one is downloading a lot (sure, it slows things down, but neither crawls to a halt).

I’m pretty sure we’ve turned off the wireless powersaving and whatnot, but I’m still struggling to come up with any ideas about what’s going on. Any tips appreciated!

Vista has some issues with reconnecting to wireless networks sometimes. I assume you’ve updated to the latest updates and service packs and whatnot?

Have now - doesn’t seem to have made an immediate difference.

Not sure if it will help, but most of my laptop’s XP wifi connection problems went away when I provided exact IP & DNS addresses for the wireless connection, rather than letting Windows do it automatically. I’ve no experience with Vista however.