Laptop Location

I’m currently using a laptop as a server and I want to move it from it’s current resting place to a spot that’s roughly 6 to 8 inches above my subwoofer. The speaker system is a 4.1 setup made by Altec Lansing (series 641) and the subwoofer is rather large. I’ve lost the manuals, but I kinda remember reading in it that you are not supposed to place any hard drives within 2’ of the subwoofer. Has anybody here heard of this? Does a large subwoofer produce a large enough magnetic field that can wipe out a hard drive that’s around 8" from it?

Man what?

Yes. Don’t do that.

Putting anything with magnetic storage close to a largish speaker of any type is a bad idea. Why risk it?

I haven’t done it yet and most likely won’t, but I was wondering if the 2’ radius around a large speaker was being overly cautious.

Hmmm, one of my laptops is semi-permanently placed directly on top of my subwoofer. The subwoofer is used lightly everyday, while the laptop is on maybe once a week or once every 2 weeks. Nothing much has happened to my laptop yet. But I think I better move it away…

Hang on. My Xbox 1 is on a shelf next to the same subwoofer. Nothing has happened to its harddisk yet.