Laptop mouse button (trackpad) failure

So a friend’s laptop is starting to go funky on the left click. She says she has to hit it five or six times sometimes before it actually works. Plus, it seems to be getting worse. Does it have a pressure pad, like keyboards do, or something similar? And is this something she (or I) could fix without having to take it somewhere. I’ve messed with the innards of CPUs on desktops, but I’ve never cracked open a laptop in my life. I’m a bit nervous to try, but I also don’t want to spend money getting someone else to fix it, if I can fix it pretty easily myself, or if she can fix it herself.

Any thoughts?

depends. on the size and servicing of the laptop model.

google the model, look up the service manual and be prepared to curse. google the availability of the service part numbers on ebay to see if it’s worth the time and effort.

The best case scenario is to remove dirt/lint under the mouse button. For any other problems, you will have to replace the button itself…normally this is soldered onto the motherboard? I would just buy a new mouse instead, preferably wireless.

On some models, there may be a second pair of mouse buttons (for use by the touchstick, usually on Lenovo). Check the configuration to turn it on; it might be disabled.

Don’t forget to ask the usual: “Did you spill anything on this?” Then, when she says ‘no’, ask one more time. I did one trackpad on a old model computer ages ago. It wasn’t bad, but that was before all the nice slim form-factors came into play.

Answer: It really does depend on the model and the tools required, but it is usually just a part, unless it is Apple.