Laptop Overheating

I have an Omen 17 laptop it’s 18 months old, it has started running really hot, I have the Omen Hub running at rest it’s fine but playing The Division 2 it has got really hot to the touch even with the fans maxed out. Reading is high 90’s c

Any options for getting it fixed seeing as we are in a Lockdown over here. The main worry is I also use this for my work atm due to working from home so cannot afford for it to go bang.

Stop playing the game until lock down is over I guess.

Do you have a cooling pad it sits on that cycles air around it more effectively? Seems gimmicky, but it helped me in a similar situation.

You probably have fart dust in the vents and heatsinks. Grab some compressed air and blow it out.

The last few generations of Intel chips run very hot. A quick and easy thing to try:
– (right click on the battery icon in your system tray)
– change plan settings
– change advanced power settings
– processor power management
– set maximum processor state to 97%

This will disable Intel Turbo Boost and reduce temps at the cost of some performance.

Yeah I got a air pad and it helps, Diablo 3 is hot like lower 90s but Div 2 is really hot, only started playing it yesterday,

Will try Compressed Air

Thanks will try that

Drill Monitor

To what @stusser said, the best way to clean out the dust is to disassemble enough to be able to get to the airways leading from your CPU/GPU on the laptop motherboard. Sometimes that just isn’t easy. You can loosen it without disassembly with a spray or two but I’ve seen where that just makes it a bigger mess inside. Your mileage may vary.

BUT, if you game at all on a laptop I HIGHLY recommend what Clay mentioned. Use a fixed location to game like a desk or table. Then get something like this:

I realize that thing is $40. It’s worth it. It runs off either a power supply supplying USB power or provided USB power on your laptop via the same. It will get your laptop elevated (first tip) and cooled on the bottom (second tip.) Using USB power from your laptop it can even do that on the couch but who the hell couch games for PC?

I can vouch for that Thermaltake cooling a gaming laptop with an Intel i7 and a GTX 2080 inside. It’s an almost necessary item at a certain point.

If it’s a powerful CPU and you can live with a little less CPU power for what you’re doing at the time, you can set the processor state even lower, such as 85 or 90% I set my X1 Extreme to max 92% and that alone cooled it by a few degrees (also, noticed fans don’t really activate now, which is good because they are LOUD).

Only the function key row was getting hot (the exhaust is between that and the hinge), so it wasn’t really bothering me all that much, but I figured this could help extend the laptop’s life even if a little.

And a laptop cooling pad also works well. I use one even with my smaller laptop that doesn’t need the cooling, just to keep a cool surface between laptop and lap when I use it on the sofa or bed and keep the vents uncovered (it’s a metallic mesh cooler with fans), so even with fans off, the laptops “breathe” more.

I bought a small handheld blower with a compressor built in. I haven’t used it much, but I am impressed. It is surprisingly powerful. I wish it ran on batteries though.

It shouldn’t be an issue with an 18 month old laptop, but I’ve found that the thermal pads or paste in laptops is sometimes really, really cheap, and prone to failure – which dramatically increases temps. If you’re seeing high temps even when not gaming (or light gaming), it might be worth disassembling and applying new pads/paste.