Laptop recommendation?

Heat is bad because it requires cooling. Now, if you have a chip that can do all your work and simply just get warm, that is great. But if you’ve ever launched a Teams session and hear your fans spin up, that is bad. Because not only is your CPU suddenly needing to suck power, but your cooling solution is also draining battery to try to keep things cool. It’s a big reason why PC laptops have been losing the battle for the past four years. x86 has been largely inefficient, and that results in bigger battery drains on the CPU and cooling sides.

Also, FYI, if you by something from Best Buy, and you noticed the price has changed within the first 14 days or so, they will issue a refund with their price match guarantee.

So, I am getting 50$ plus tax back too, I guess I’ll buy that SSD now.

I’ve actually been buying things like big screens from my local Best Buy after buying online forever. One, they will price match. Two, the manager there has been outstanding; when I had an issue with a Sony XBR-950H 65", and Sony was making excuses to not fix it, I talked to him and he replaced it, had the new one delivered, and the old one picked up. He’s been like that on a number of things.

I’ve never purchased a laptop from them. My last two have been Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbons

You can custom configure up to 2TB (for a stupid, stupid price). I have a 1TB 15" Air M2, but had to order it from Apple directly.

At home, I use a USB C cable to a monitor that also has 4 USB ports built into it, and plug my keyboard into that. You can do DisplayPort signal over USB C nowadays, so it’s as performant as an HDMI or DisplayPort cable on a PC.

If I’m traveling, I just have a little adapter plugged into my HDMI cable.

When my son was in school we picked up the Pro Apps education bundle for $199, which includes Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, so I use those.

The excellent DaVinci Resolve is available for Mac and is free, though, and is what I’d use if I didn’t have access to Final Cut Pro. And Audacity has a Mac OS version, so you can stick with what you know there!

Football Manager and Disco Elysium are both available on Mac, I know.

To see what games in your Steam library are available on Mac, hit this site, enter your Steam ID URL (you might have to set your game list to Public if it’s not already), and then filter platform by “Mac OS”. 36% of my Steam game library is Mac-compatible. Anything you’ve bought on WIndows on Steam also entitles you to the Mac version if there’s one available.

MacBook Air 15 definitely fits that bill. That said, the new ARM-based Windows 11 laptops will likely do so as well. But they don’t ship until June 16, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before we get real in-the-field impressions. I plan to compare Baldurs Gate 3 on my M2 Air and on the Surface Laptop with Snapdragon X Elite processor that I’ll be setting up for my ex.

I find the MacBook Air is sooo much nicer than an Intel Windows notebook because the suspend/sleep, power usage, ease of docking/undocking/etc. are all just soo much less trouble-prone than the house of cards that is Windows. Plus the integration if you use an iPhone and iPad is just fantastic, and so much better than the hacky Phone Link crap MS ships with Windows. Mac isn’t the magic “everything works and you have no trouble” that its fanatical followers claim, but when I compare the mobile experience, I say with all the love of a 16-year former MS employee that overall it’s a hellaciously better experience.

Also, it has the Apple TV screensavers!

USB C drive. Get a 1TB hard drive, SSD, or flash drive for $65-80 and you can dump all your documents/photos/etc on it. Copy them to your MacBook, and you’ll now also have a physical backup of them.

All great stuff, thanks. re: the Snapdragon X Elite, just watched a video showing it blowing away the Intel Ultra processors and M3 in processing power. However when it comes to the integrated graphics, the M3 still beats them all.

Of course, I could easily get caught up in waitng for the M4 Airs, but that appears to be a year from now.

I just wish that apple would make a normal laptop with normal ports and decent ram/storage that costs like 1500$.

You want 1TB and 16GB ram, that’ll cost you like 1999$

My $999 Surface Laptop has 16GB. And I plan to swap out the 256GB SSD with a 2TB one that costs about $150 on Newegg.

I’m planning to do exactly the same, only with the 15" model. If it sells well, it may finally force Apple’s hand on making 16GB RAM the minimum.

Does anyone with a modern 14" laptop have an opinion on whether the screen real estate feels “normal size” nowadays? I’ve gathered with 2K resolutions and thinner bezels, it may actually be pretty close to my older Surface Laptop 4’s 15" screen in practice. It decided to stop charging this week. RIP

This is a sponsored video

Does anyone take Linus seriously anymore? Only Torvalds, I imagine.

Here’s a good roundup of all the laptops coming next week. Even breaks down which version of the X Elite are in each

Glad I skipped the pre-orders:

There are benchmarks that show a lot better than that

Yeah could just be a Samsung thing, but I will wait for Notebookcheck’s reviews for confirmation one way or the other.

That report is linked to a tweet.


There is an explanation here. The unit that was tested was limited to a clock speed of 2.52GHz, while the Snapdragon X Elite should be able to reach 4GHz. It’s just tough to say if the chip is intentionally limited or if there will be some sort of update that will improve performance before the first Snapdragon X Elite laptops launch next week.

Probably will run bad if you are running at 60% of clock speed.

Of course actual reviews will tell the tale on how these actually perform in the real world, but someone posting a claim on Twitter to get internet points isn’t where I would get information from.

Which gets even more convoluted when you read the Twitter thread to see it is a summary of a reddit post here:

Just bizzare that news websites are posting links to Twitter threads that are a repost of reddit OC.

Beyond ridiculous.

The redditor probably has the actual sane take:

This is not as good on battery to performance as a MacBook, but it is cheaper with more features, and a heck of a step forward for windows based laptops.

Anandtech goes into the architecture

Yeah I’d wait for reputable outlets posting benchmarks before making judgement on the performance.

The idea that it can only hit 1800 single core seems strange, my tab s9 hits over 2100 single core with the snapdragon 8 gen 2.

Again, it was only running at 60% clock speed. It may have been the TDP design for that particular model, or there may be some kind of update incoming because technically release is next week. But there have been a bunch of benchmarks popping up on Geekbench in recent days that shows it is much more capable of that.

And then there’s the fact that there are three different X Elite SKUs. (There is only a single X Plus SKU). And it also depends on what kind of RAM the manufacturer coupled with it.

Someone apparently benchmarked a Surface Pro 11 with the X Plus