Laptop with core i7 -4600u, 8GB RAM - what type of games could be run?

It only has the integrated graphics. Should I be OK to play most turn-based strategy games?
Any chance that it could run some real time games or something like EU IV?

The 4600U is very poor compared to the more modern crop of CPUs. I just don’t know what it will be sufficient to play. It looks like it might just meet the minimum requirements for Endless Space 2.

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 1, and I game on it all the time. EU IV runs fine, if a tad slower than on my desktop. The only real issue I’ve had is that, for some reason, Battle resolution hands terribly when playing AGEOD games. Like Rise of Prussia and Civil War 2 are unplayable because of it.

Otherwise I’ve been fine, and that is below your spec.

I’ve also done a lot of Steam home streaming with it, like playing Witcher 3 on the Surface by streaming from the desktop.

Cool. I figure with my limited available games now will finally be the time to drive into EU IV!

I looked in Device Manager and noticed that Intel HD Graphics Family and NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M is listed. Both seem to be enabled. Is there a way that I can tell which is being used? This is a laptop my wife got from work so I don’t want to do anything that could potentially stop it from working.

Usually, your best clue as to the GPU being used is the fan going crazy ;)
You can right-click an app and choose which of the graphical solution it will use, and more systematically, you can set it up by launching the Nvidia control panel: it will let you pick which you want to use for any particular program.

Edit: as for your initial query, it should run a lot of things, if you can cope with lower framerates (20-30ish). It is very reliant on the screen resolution. If its native resolution is 1080p, you might be in trouble, unless you are willing to play in the blur, by lowering the in-game’s resolution.

Thanks, I didn’t notice that I could right-click and select.

When I tried it with Northgard, it always said Intel Integrated HD Graphics in the lower right corner, regardless of what I selected. I wonder if the NVIDIA isn’t being used, or whatever method they are using to display the graphics adapter name is incorrect.

The right-click method seemed highly random in my experience as well. I often couldn’t really tell one way or the other, or if my selection worked. The control panel method works very well, if a bit lengthy (the loading and setting up of a new app takes an excruciating long time here).

Incindently, @Craigm mentionned Ageod’s games: those are the special kind (very rare, in my experience) that can’t use your GPU if you got an integrated graphic solution (a long standing issue they didn’t ever fix, as their 2.0 engine was still based around DirectX 8 a couple of years ago).

damn i totally misread the OP’s hw as 8th generation intel not 4th.

I also have this processor, but 6gb ddr3…I used to have a dell latitude e6430 with i7-3520m and hd4000 graphics…I had no problem running call of duty mw3, or black ops 2. I could play runescape 3 no problem, I could play saints row 4 flawlessly, and that laptop isnt much better than the laptop I have.