Laptops Fall 2012

So, my girlfriend needs a laptop. Her old HP from college died spectacularly. What are the options we have? I don’t know anything about laptops, so I don’t know what to get or what is good.

Apple products are out of the question, as the apple tax is going to push things into the unaffordable range. We are talking 600-800 bucks for something mid-range that will last a while.


One thought is a Thinkpad particularly the


These things are pretty reliable and indestructible right?

Lenovo will be a bit better built, but more expensive. The wirecutter piece discusses the Z580 as an alternative.

Also consider a refurb 13" macbook air. The cheaper models will be last year’s model with sandy bridge, but that doesn’t really matter, and it’s the best laptop in the market if you don’t need to game. The difference in build quality and speed, with the SSD between a macbook air and a $600 craptop with a 4400RPM laptop hard drive will be enormous. Starting at $900. It’s what I would get.

Doesn’t have a CD drive though. She is a musician, and CDs are neccessary.

You can buy an external USB DVD drive for like thirty bucks. Get one that’s powered by the USB port. Or just get a cheap craptop, I suppose, it’s your money.