Laptops with IPS screens

As I posted a while ago, I got a ThinkPad T410s recently. I love everything about it, except for the screen, which is horrible, with brightness/color shifting as I vary the angle of the screen. It makes it nearly impossible for me to do meaningful Photoshopping on the thing, as I can’t tell from looking how bright/dark the photo actually is.

So I went and looked at other laptops to see if they have better screens, and as far as I can tell, none of them do. Macbook screens are just as bad, everything in Best Buy was horrid.

The only laptop I’m even aware of that has an IPS screen now is the Lenovo X220, and that combines beautiful IPS with the unusable 1366x768 resolution. So, any suggestions out there, or was I just spoiled by my wonderful old x61t and now I need to accept the reality that any photo editing needs to use an external monitor?

I guess it makes sense that they’d have it on 17" desktop replacement behemoths. Nothing in the sub-4lb range, though?

See if you can find a Sony Z series 13.1" laptop to gander at. If you’re local to a Microcenter they will probably have one on display there. I’m fairly sure that it’s not an IPS screen since it doesn’t specify panel type in any of Sony’s literature, but it is the single best looking LCD I’ve seen short of my desktop IPS screens. Vibrant colors, high res, great anti-glare coating on it, too.