Large currency exchanges

Anyone know the best way to convert a bunch of US currency to Canadian? I get the feeling I’m going to need some lube for this sort of process.

A large amount of physical currency? Or is it money you have in a bank account?

If the latter, just open an account at a canadian bank and ask for a wire transfer.

The best physical currency method is via a bank. You will definately want to call to coordinate a large exchange though. Do not do a large amount via a currency exchange desk … you’ll get raped on fees.

It’s not always true that the bank gives better rates. Some currency exchange shops do have better rates, so it pays to shop around. Obviously, the rates suck if you’re at the airport, regardless of it being a bank or not. Also, this only applies to actual paper money.

If you have contacts with anyone in the immigrant community, ask them, since they have to deal with converting the money to send “home”.