Larger GC Controllers?

As much as I love the flawless function of the Wavebird, the damned thing is too small and my hands are cramping. A pox on the Z button! Does anyone make a decent GameCube controller for those of us with larger hands? All of the ones I have found are about the same size as the standard ones.

My hands are fairly gigantic, and I find the Wavebird plenty comfortable.

Might I point out that before you spend $30 in search of the perfect controller it could be not what you’re holding, but how you’re holding it?

Well, if you have some mystical controller holding advice, I’m willing to listen.

When I put the pads of my fingers on the shoulder buttons, the ends of the wings of the controller rest on the pad at the top of my palm. This is awkward at best, since I’m only holding the controller by clamping it between my hands.

If I move the wings down into my palm where my ring & pinky fingers can hold it, the first joints of my fingers overlap at the top of the controller and the shoulder buttons are way out of position. I can’t then curl my fingers down and press the tips into the shoulder and Z buttons, since (true to my ectomorph body) my tendons are really loose and the first joint of my fingers then bends backwards about 40 degrees when I press the buttons. That’s OK the first few times, but really starts to hurt after about 10 minutes. The Z button is particularly a problem since it is triggered at the right side, meaning I have to either push hard on the middle or move my finger pad down.

I’d still prefer a larger controller over a judo hold, but I’m thinking they don’t make larger ones.

You might find the Nyko Airflow more comfortable. The grips are bigger than the standard GC controller, and as a plus the overall shape & button layout is very similar. It also has a larger D-pad (and cooling fans built into the handle, which is kinda neat but not very useful)

You can buy an adaptor that lets you use PS2 controllers on a Cube. There’s gotta be a big PS2 controller in the world… isn’t there?

The standard GameCube controller is a hell of a lot more comfortable than the PS2 controller. And if the size of the GC controller bothers you, bear in mind that the PS2 controller is even smaller.

The GC Airflow is actually the same frame as the PS2 Airflow (which I love, btw), which is why it’s so big.

Personally, I prefer the wavebird to the GC Airflow because I like the GC controller better than anything in the world. Also, the GC Airflow stops blowing when it starts rumbling. Something to keep in mind.

I was at Gamestop today and took a look at the GC controllers. They had a “Hulk” controller that looked a bit beefier than normal but not really that much bigger.

They did have the Airflow controllers which looked quite a bit bigger than the standard controller. The button layout and triggers seemed to be normal sized, but the two handles were noticeably larger, in length and thickness (insert “size matters” joke here).

I couldn’t really tell if that issue with the Z-trigger would be resolved though. You’ll have to go put your hands on one.

The Gamestop I was at was the one in Van Nuys.