Largest college admissions cheating bust


You asserted that this story was proof that the college admissions system, as a whole, is broken. But now you’re pointing to a lack of data to support that? That doesn’t seem reasonable, at all.

I’d be very surprised if the percentage of fraud in the college admissions system exceeded the percentage of fraud in the welfare or disability system, for no other reason that this costs too damn much for a large percentage of people to afford.

On the percentage of welfare fraud, at least the sources linked in Wikipedia seems to think that it is not in consequential.

For the record, I don’t think that means welfare and disability are broken. Again, some degree of fraud should be expected. Similarly, I don’t think this story (even if the numbers turn out to be 10 or even 100 times those reported to date) is clear-cut evidence that the college admissions system is systematically broken. That conclusion is only reached if you had an expectation that the process was 100% pristine.


Yes. Because that was what my response was about. Whatever, dude.


Holy shit, his point is that welfare is NOT a source of fraud.

It’s like you guys read one sentence and respond without even trying to understand what he was saying.


Not that I mean this the way it sounds, but who cares what you think about this? Do you have any data which shows it is exceptionally meritocratic? Otherwise, why think it is any more meritocratic than any other system, in our country or any other?

From my chair, this system seems to be saddling the poors with a lifetime of debt while it serves as a plum job placement service for the elites.


It is. These schools are reviewing their processes because they’re broke. It’s not broken because 50 people got caught. It’s broken because it went on for decades and there wasn’t enough transparency in the system in order for someone to catch it. I happen to know a few facts about what’s going on with one of these specific systems. This should have been caught, and it wasn’t.

There are supposed to be checks in place for this, so either it goes up higher or those standard checks do not work. I think it’s both.


If more than one person took it that way, maybe it’s not as clear as you think it is.


I was wondering how long it would take to find an angle to defend massive inequality and corruption. Only took you guys two days. That’s pretty good.

I guess we should be reassured that the system is working fine. Just a few bad apples. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Yes, because you’ve shown yourself to be a beacon of objectivity on this board. Again, whatever, dude.





What he said is perfectly clear. He explicitly stated it in the next freaking sentence.

You read the first sentence and responded without even finishing the freaking paragraph. That is what happened.


So do both welfare and disability need massive overhauls, too, or are they, in fact, good social programs that have an acceptable and unsurprising amount of fraud?


You want us to concede there are thousands, thousands defrauding the system. I will not concede that.

By the way, there is only one group throwing insults and profanity at this point.


It’s amazing that you actually had the gal to make this post, where you had to go to the trouble of cutting off the second half of the sentence you quoted, to try and pretend like it wasn’t there.


The literal next sentence:


It’s amazing that you think the second half of the sentence negates the first half.


The ACTUAL next sentence.


Yes, I’m not arguing that he thinks the system is broken, I’m arguing that he thinks there is substantial fraud in it, and that he thinks that’s the right way to think about rich people bribing their way into plush lives.


I haven’t done research beyond following a couple of the links in the wiki article that I referenced, but I’m pretty sure the number is in the thousands, each year, based on those sources. That just happens to be a small percentage for programs that affect and benefit a large number of people.


Turns out, when speaking English and conveying ideas, that different phrases in a sentence actually work together!

This is why you intentionally cut it out when you quoted him, in order to express immense intellectual dishonesty and try to pretend like he was saying something else.


I think you’d be hard pressed to find any system without 0.5% fraud.