Larry Fessenden. Who?

I missed last year’s Wendigo, a horror movie that I was curious to see. Something independent and about snowy woods. I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I like to be surprised. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can rent it, so no telling when I’ll figure out what Wendigo is.

So when I discovered that the director had a cameo in Session 9, I decided to see what I could find. Which is how I ended up watching Larry Fessenden’s Habit, a cross between Darren Arronofsky’s Pi and Nicholas Cage’s Vampire’s Kiss. Habit’s script was interesting enough that it overcame some really weak casting, including a flat-as-shale femme fatale and a “best friend” role filled by someone who was ACTING HIS HEART OUT. To no avail.

But the most compelling part was seeing the director, having cast himself in the lead role, doing a really bang up job of portraying the aimless life of a burned out twenty/thirtysomething in New York. He’s an odd looking guy with his flyaway hair, overbearing forehead, and missing tooth, but he’s sympathetic. There’s a scene in a bathtub where he’s talking about his scars that was really heartfelt for such a low-budget indie horror film. I really liked the guy. I liked his movie, for all its rough edges. I wonder what he’s doing next and where I can see Wendigo.

Have any of you guys heard of him? Has anyone seen No Telling, an earlier movie he did that I also can’t find? Is this guy just so obscure that this will be the only post in this thread?


for those who want to play along:,+Larry <–Larry’s IMDB bio <-- purchase the Habit DVD

sorry Tom, i have never heard of this guy or his works, although your comparision to Pi and Vampire’s Kiss certainly is intriguing. i’ll add them to this month’s viewing list :D

ooops. meant to post this also: <– Telling on DVD for $27.

I know what a Wendigo is. It is native Canadian folklore.

—Spoiler - not movie spoiler “What is a Wendigo” spoiler—

The Wendigo is a wind spirit representing desperation, isolation, madness and cannibalism. It is the “scream on the wind”. It represents also the cabin fever and starvation that happens to people when they get caught in a northern blizzard and go nuts, kill, and then eat each other. Lovecraft (or more likely an imitator) saw it as a giant beastie called Ithaqua that strides and cavorts in the middle of the fiercest storm. It is not a big furry white muppet thing with a tail that fights the Hulk and a young Wolverine.

Basically the Wendigo legend stems from finding isolated people. One nutso and one half-eaten and having to come up with some reason why OTHER than “Joe went nuts and et Harry”. Instead, the Wendigo got him.

I learned what a wendigo is from an Odgen Nash poem:

The Wendigo,
The Wendigo!
I saw it just a friend ago!
Last night it lurked in Canada;
Tonight, on your veranada!


I learned what a Wendigo was from an X-Men comic book. It was a
Wolverine issue where he joins with Alpha Force to stop the Wendigo.


David, let me repeat my self…