Lars von Trier's Antichrist

A witch-burning-apologist horror film that is as good as The Shining. Deeply thoughtful, stunningly shot, scary as hell, and perfectly acted.

The film has a few scenes of hardcore sex some of which are like Dario Argento or Nagisa Ôshima at their bloodiest efforts. I am a seasoned horror movie fan (I like to think) and I was extremely impressed with von Trier’s film. Impressed and disturbed, actually.

Gah, this is another one of those kid-involving horror flicks that I can’t stand anymore after having my own offspring, isn’t it?

Sadly, yes.

Charlotte Gainsbourg sex scenes? Kelly Wand-like growl.

Oh, wait, von Trier. Right.

There’s an older thread from summer 2009 discussing this when it first came out.

Yeah well I got yelled at for bumping a 2 month old thread, so, you know, make up your fucking minds.

I don’t post that because I cared about a new thread - just thought you might be interested in some of the other reactions to the movie here since I doubt people are going to repost them

Apologies. I’m a little defensive.

So is this another von Trier movie where a woman has horrible things done to her and she says she deserved them, was made better because of them, or just fucking dies?

Not exactly.

It, uh, kind of the opposite of everything Dean suggested. Also, fuck Lars von Trier and this movie. It’s beautifully shot penis-hating dreck.


So is there any news on the videogame? Almost forgot they were making a game around the movie.

Developer shut down late last year.

von Trier’s now making man-hating movies? Awesome! I’m in.

Horrible movie, for all the wrong reasons.

Von Trier is right now living fat on people believing what he puts out is actually art, and not “just a movie”, thus making them better people by watching it.

Wait, Antichrist isn’t a comedy? I laughed the entire time. Then the whole theater just lost it when the fox started talking. Hilarious!

It was a really great, strong movie. But not as original as someone might think. Reminded me a lot of Don’t Look Now! by Nicolas Roeg… A couple is losing their only child and experiencing Horror/Death in Venice/Woods. But in Antichrist they turn against each other… don’t get the hate for the movie. A simple story about a couple in trouble using splatter/torture porn techniques.

Explicit depictions of genitial mutilation that makes some wonder if the enfant terrible is actually just a high-art Howard Stern.

Explicit depictions of genitial mutilation

so what…? It is all in the context of the movie/story. It is like whining about blood and meat in a painting by Francis Bacon…