Las Vegas Mass Shooting - Oct. 1, 2017


You were on the right track w/ the first reference. McLaren 570S. I’m not aware of any public road in the US that would allow me to go that fast. For that matter, the road conditions on any public road I’m aware of aren’t good enough that I’d feel at all safe getting anywhere close to that. I save that kind of thing for the track days. For top speed, I could go to the salt flats, I suppose, or there’s some places around that do standing mile speed runs. I could probably get to 180+ there if I didn’t chicken out first.


Well good luck with that my friend. America is the land of ignorance and prejudice.


I always wonder what rich people are doing on boring old Internet forums. Haha!


Heh, I didn’t think we had anyone shelling out Maclaren prices for their cars, which is why I suggested the new chargers, which amazingly can pull 204… Not nearly as nice a ride as The Maclaren though. That’s a badass car.

Now, an example occurred to me that was similar to the fast car, but perhaps more directly relevant.

Down near where I grew up, in Newtown square, there was the Dupont estate. The Dupont son was crazy. Like, legitimately crazy in a way that only an insanely rich person could be and not get committed. This is the guy Steve Carell played in that movie Foxcatcher.

So, I didn’t see the movie, so I dunno if they talked about this stuff, but John Dupont owned CRAZY weapons. Like, serious business military grade hardware. Not just say looking stuff, but shit like an honest to God tank. Which he drove onto the yard of a police officer.

He never really paid any price for any of that until he finally killed a wrestler, but the question I have is… Should it really be legal for some guy to buy something like a tank?


Wealthy enough to have a fun car, but not rich enough I don’t have to work for a living, so doing the same thing as everyone else. Talking about video games instead of working! :)

Thankee, Timex. It’s my mid-life-crisis car, basically. I’ve wanted a supercar since I knew what that word meant, and when the 570S came out, it just blew me away with pretty much everything about it. So I splurged (a lot). I don’t get to work any faster in the morning, but I smile a lot more on the way.


I wasn’t joking about sporting flamethrowers upthread you know.


That’s not for me. Way too easy to burn your sensitive regions while masturbating at the range.


ITT: The real victims are aggrieved, misunderstood gun owners.


They just want to have fun, man! Cut them some slack.

PS: I agree that Feinstein’s letter was poorly phrased. She didn’t add the word “practical” that @magnet slipped in.


I love that my muscle car has more HP than a supercar.


What the fuck.

[quote]Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner.


Congrats on the midlife crisis car. We need pics though. Think we have a car thread and here somewhere.


Making power is easy - though in fairness warrantying it is no mean feat. But putting power to the ground and making it go and corners is where the challenge is. McLaren FTW!


Guys, tell your Congressman to vote “No” on nukes control! Everyone should be able to openly carry personal sized nukes!! 2nd amendment rights!! For home defense and hunting!


Is there a way to get rid of the 2nd amendment? I would join any protest to get rid of it. I think, it has to come from the people, go to the street and protest… if you want a change. Just recently I watched the Vietnam Ken Burns show and reeducated myself on how big the protests were in the US in the 60s … without that outcry from the people, that war could have gone much, much longer… and 30,000+ gun deaths a year is too much for any society, I checked a statistic from 2014 for Germany. We had 70 deaths by gun violence + 750 suicides … I never had a gun and do not know any of my friends ever had one. Of course, criminals have them here too, but I still feel perfectly save


The constitution has to be amended to repeal an existing amendment, but practically this will never happen in the US. But the existence of the 2nd does not preclude regulation, either; even the Supreme Court’s Heller decision in 2007 says as much. It’s just that the people who are against that (a minority, to be sure, but right now this country is ruled by the minority, so just more of the same) are more organized, have more $$$ (and yes are more passionate) than those on the other side.


Amendment. Which are basically impossible to pass (as per Scalia’s analysis) and repealing the 2nd would be basically impossible on it’s own even if general Amendments themselves weren’t. It would be on par with repealing the 1st or 4th.

Edit: But as MrGrumpy says, it’s not beyond regulation, which SCOTUS has said time and time again.


Repealing the Second Amendment would be a terrible idea that would most likely result in chaos, including armed rebellion by many militia groups and similar organizations, and a rush to purchase even more guns before the law was passed so that people could squirrel them away to use/sell after the repeal. If you thought Prohibition was nuts, trying to outlaw and round up America’s guns would make that look like a picnic in the park.

Both the left and the right have to let go of this idea that “Gun Control” somehow equals taking away all of the guns. That’s stupid. Successful gun control means common sense legislation to control how guns are sold, who can purchase them and what kind of weapons can be purchased by the public. Automatic weapons and items that convert semi-automatic weapons to rates-of-fire similar to automatic weapons should be blanket banned. Waiting periods and background checks should be enforced, and registration of weapons should be mandatory. Quick sale loopholes like the gun show should be closed. People with violent criminal convictions and/or mental health issues should not be able to purchase guns.

Absolutely ZERO of the above have any discernible effect on the ability of farmers, hunters, sportsman, collectors and enthusiasts to purchase and enjoy using all the guns they like. I suppose if their version of “enjoyment” was converting their AR-15 to fire 400 rounds a minute at the range, then yes, they are going to be disappointed. Boo fucking hoo.

What stands in the way of this is the NRA and gun industry lobbyists who throw obscene amounts of money at Republican politicians to keep fighting ANY legislation that inhibits gun purchases in any way. It’s reached the point of insanity.

I saw an interview yesterday with Congressman Steve Scalise, the same guy who was SHOT while practicing baseball with his congressional team. In it they asked him about the recent Republican repeal of the Obama Executive Order that prohibited people with mental health issues from purchasing guns. He actually said that “Well, we found that some people with physical disabilities were being lumped in with the group who were being denied, and we did not want to deny those people their rights.” Are you fucking kidding me?! This is total bullshit. First of all, I seriously doubt that anyone with simply a physical disability was being denied the right to purchase a gun, more likely it was physically disabled people who also had mental health red flags (like PTSD for example). Secondly, so Republicans solution to this is “a couple of physically disabled people might be having trouble buying guns, so lets go ahead and let actual crazy people purchase them too just so those handful of disabled folks don’t get left out”. WTF?!


Aren’t you doing it too? Repealing the 2nd doesn’t automatically mean every gun in civilian hands must get turned over to the government. It would mean that we could finally get some firearms legislation without every discussion being stymied with “But the 2nd!” There are countries that don’t have the equivalent of the 2nd Amendment, but still allow their citizenry to purchase and own firearms. They just don’t get to own 50+ semi-auto rifles with bumpfire stocks and 100-round magazines.

I do agree that a serious attempt to repeal the 2nd would have a crazy reaction from gun enthusiasts.


I’ll bring this up, again, because it’s a very easily overlooked exception that has allowed a still very large market of automatic weapons.

This is not correct within the US:
Automatic weapons have been illegal for more than 30 years

This is correct within the US:
NEW automatic weapons have been illegal for more than 30 years

You can still go get approval for, pay tax for, and eventually purchase a pre-ban automatic weapon, legally, in many U.S. states.

I’m all in with you guys on the ban of bump stocks and trigger winders. But, let’s be clear that loophole above should also be closed.