Las Vegas Mass Shooting - Oct. 1, 2017


Jesus christ, the idiot Alien looks like Trump.


This is true, but a law could be worded in a way to say the intended effect correctly. If the effect is to ban any modification of a weapon’s rate of fire, how would you word it?

What does “pro-gun people,” equate to? I mean, I own guns but I’m for changes. I’m assuming you might mean status-quo gun owners who want no change?


I’m pretty sure that a good portion, if not the majority, of gun owners have no idea how a gun actually works either.


No guys, we just don’t understand that it’s a technical thing. You see the GUN isn’t firing at automatic speeds, the PERSON is firing at automatic speeds. So we are all dumb, get it? Because you can’t legislate a PERSON from firing that fast. I mean, clearly. And there’s a million ways to make a person be able to fire that fast and there’s no way we could ever stop that because we are so dumb and frustrating to the people who own the guns because we just don’t get that.

Get it?



God I hate it when know it all gun nuts think everyone else is just scared of guns and doesn’t know anything about them. What ignorant hubris. Many of us can strip down any gun and are excellent shots, but grew up out of our adolescent fantasies when we realized these are not collectible toys with fun accessories but dangerous tools meant to kill.

And Martinez, fuck your golf club analogy. Guns are not anything like golf clubs and that is a terrible analogy.

I simply won’t be friends with gun nuts anymore. I used to tolerate them but now I realize they are ALL pathetic losers.


Gotta love today’s society. Weeeee!


And now a maintenance worker knew about the security guard shooting 6 minutes prior.

Could some sort of investigator figure this out please? Thanks.


(Do NOT read at work, just FYI.)


Well shit…seems like there might be a high pollen count in my office today.


Well, that’s awfully touching.


Not damning, but probably time to rethink this.


High rollers are also invited to enjoy our mother-of-pearl inlaid Pelican gun cases, bypass our casino’s entryway metal detectors, and enjoy the finest in pillow-soft, bulletproof bathrobes.


The reality is, that elevator would have had no impact on anything.

I was in Vegas a week before this shit went down. Hell, my room at the Luxor overlooked where the shooting took place. The guy’s window was basically across the street from mine.

There are no metal detectors. Every time I went to my room, someone was in the elevator with a suitcase. I never worried about if they had rifles or whatever in them.


Yeah, that sucks. High-rollers get that perk because the “whales” do bring all sorts of crazy stuff into their suites. Their own furniture. Grand pianos. Costumes. Full refrigerators of food. Crates of champagne. Animals in cages. Like, all sorts of weird stuff that normal humans would never think to bring to a hotel room.

Man, it would be terrible to be that bellhop and know now that you might’ve unknowingly helped this guy do what he did.


Pretty much.

I’m fairly sure that requiring several trips is not a deterrent to someone willing to commit mass murder and suicide.

“Well, I was going to kill like a hundred people and then myself, but… it would have taken like 4 or 5 trips in the elevator, so I decided to just watch some TV instead.”


Yep. Having spent the last 12 years moving equipment in and out of Vegas resorts, I can tell you that I’ve used freight elevators many, many times, including at Mandalay Bay, and have never once needed a badge, chaperone, or any other kind of clearance, and wore street clothes every time with no ID displayed, and no one questioned it. I never took one up to the guest rooms as Paddock did, but I often used the same service elevator that goes there. Most of the people you’ll encounter are housekeepers, food service, etc., so you won’t get questioned by them, and even the occasional instance of crossing paths with an exec produces no inquiries about your presence. Security personnel are practically non-existent in the back corridors and loading bays of the casinos. The Venetian was the only place I ever saw security back there, and even they were easy to miss.

So, unless Mandalay Bay has changed their operations in the year or so since I last needed to use a service elevator there, the only perk you need to discreetly move things around is to be ambulatory.


Then you know that a bump-fire stock doesn’t even touch the trigger group. It actually changes the stock. The gun is still a semi-automatic. Guns aren’t anything like golf clubs? Hit a nerve or something? I take it you would use a putter as a driver or a hammer as a saw. Guns are tools you idiot. I wouldn’t use my AR-Pistol to make an 800 yard shot, and wouldn’t use my 10-lb SPR for 3-gun.


This is how a bumpfire stock works


I don’t want a ban on bump stocks, I want a ban on all semi-automatic weapons, from pistols to long guns to shotguns. Let’s START with that. You can keep your single shot black powder muzzle loading rifle, just like the founding fathers intended.


Guys we can’t ban modifications on firearms until we know exactly what classification a gun collector/enthusiast/nutjob would decide they are. Just like you couldn’t ban board games until you can list all the mechanics contained in them.

Also no one in the whole world can figure out how to write a sentence like “no modification which increases the rate of fire of a firearm of any kind to be greater than 120 rounds per minute shall be legal for sale or exchange.”

I mean, it could take a few lawyers a couple hours to figure it out guys. That’s like, forever. It’s impossible.