Laser Squad Nemesis (again)

Just bought a month’s worth of play with my new CREDIT CARD! Anyone wanna play (it’s free for non-subscribers to play against a subscriber).

Go ahead and send me a challenge:

[email protected]

I could play a few friendly rounds (also a subscriber). I’ll PM you my email.

I’ll send a challenge to both of you when I get home from class.

I just resubbed LSN for a whole year, and the addiction is once again kicking in. This game is SO awesome. If anyone wants a game where you’ll probably win, as I stink, challenge Veloxi ([email protected]). :)

I’ll also accept challenges from anyone who wants to play. Challenge Rywill.

Based on the demo, it looks like I totally can’t get into this without the research, geoscape, and plot angles. :(


“LSN is cool and all, but without being able to draft players, tweak your car, or custom-build roller coasters, what’s the point?”

The stuff that made X-Com a great single player game was the out-of-combat elements. Just the combat engine itself kind of bores me.

An excellent observation. Whoops, except that this isn’t the X-Com combat engine or even anything like it. Maybe you’re confusing LSN with another game. In your defense, LSN is made by the same guys who made X-Com and the the latest patch did include an alien race. I believe it also features guns and, if you abbreviate it to “LSN,” the name has almost exactly the same number of letters as X-Com.

Touchy, touchy!

Whoops! Except the Gollops have done nothing for the last 20 years except redesign the same game. Admittedly, it’s a good game, but it’s a bit disingenuous to have a go at someone for complaining they essentially took a backwards step with LSN when compared with XCOM (yes, I realise they went bust and had to start again).

so can anyone give feedback on the single player modes that i heard went live? or even the new web based interface for pretty much realtime gaming with another player?


X-Com is a half-strategy, half-tactical game, where the player is always the humans and the opponent is always AI-controlled aliens. The sides are usually of varying size and each soldier has a different loadout. It’s a turn-based game using movement points, with multiple levels of combat (i.e., first floor, second floor, etc.) and where light is often an important factor. It’s set in the modern day (or near-future). LSN is tactical only, where the player can be one of four races (humans or robots, originally, then they added monsters about 18 months ago, and just recently aliens), and the opponent is a human also controlling one of those four races. It’s real-time simultaneous turns with no movement point restrictions, set in the far future. All combat takes place on one level and is well-lit. The sides are always equal and all soldiers of the same type have the same loadout (although, unlike in X-Com, there are different unit classes). Having played both extensively, I can say that the games are totally unalike, except that they both feature tactical combat with guns.

X-Com is very similar to Jagged Alliance 2. LSN is very similar to Combat Mission. Unless you think Jagged Alliance 2 and Combat Mission are basically the same game, you’re whacked. And if you do think JA2 and CM are the same game, you’re also whacked. I am thinking the answer here is probably that you are whacked.

Thanks for the excessively anal rant. One problem - I’ve been playing the Gollop’s games for the last 20 years (actually just a little longer, I think), and they are all derivatives of Rebelstar Raiders. The setting for each instance is almost irrelevant, as are the incremental refinements to the mechanics between adjacent titles. They’re squad level tactical games. Are you going to argue that LSN has nothing in common with Laser Squad? Can you not see that XCOM 1 was just LS with a strategic layer added to flesh out the game?

However, I particularly like the last part of your post where you attempt to insult me by assuming I think something, purely for the purposes of delivering the insult. It would be clever if it weren’t so clumsy and stupid. Well done you.

You’re right. I hadn’t thought about the fact that they’re both squad-level tactical games.

I remember back when they were first in open Beta with LSN and I think I also recall Rywill’s name from the CoDo forums. How do you have time to work and be obsessed with LSN and Dominions II? :wink:

Perhaps he’s really a hobo!

I really can’t stand homeless/transient legal professionals. The police should just gather them all up and shoot em.

Great. You can go back to subdividing the genres of the games you like to avoid any unnecessary comparison. You’ll be more comfortable, I’m sure.