Laserwriter or inkjet

Yeah I can read the “will print this many copies” on the carts but I am looking for a real idea.

I need new printers for work- looking for inexpnsive- I can get a laserwriter for around 300. Carts run 80-120.

But Kodak just came out with a super nice line of all-in-ones that start at 149 and are supposed to do a bang up job- and the best part is black ink carts are 10 and color carts are 15- an very nice deal.

So in the real world, does anyone have an opinion one which is cheaper to use for black and white only document printing?

Business? Always laser. (imo).

Inkjets are a bad investment over the long run in any business environment unless you print very few pages a week.

Laser. Seriously. Toner cartridges last for thousands of pages. And I’ve never seen an inkjet do text better than a laser. For text, laser screams professional. Inkjet screams amateur.

Actually it can go both ways if you have an old dot matrix printer as well :). That invoice looks like it was made on a 15 year old machine - they have to be legitimate!

Inkjet quality has gotten pretty good, and plotters still use inkjet technology (are there any laser plotters?). It’s just that cost of ink sucks, and inked paper smears even after drying.

For work? Laser.

Why would you even consider ink jet? On top of being slow, it’s frustrating as hell waiting for the ink to dry on each page before the printer can print on the duplex side.


I see my errors… it all makes sense now.

WHAT was I thinking??

thanks guys

Also, by going w/ a laser you don’t have to sweat whether the paper you just bought 8 cases of will cause the ink to spread out and look like crap.

Several months back I bought a HP Color Laserjet 2600n for just over $300. I have been exceptionally happy with it. Works with PC and OS X, has an ethernet port, and a black toner cartridge in addition to the color cartridges.

I’ve bought two HP MFC’s. Model is 3300 or something. The ADF (automatic document feeder) kept jamming and had to be replaced after a couple of years. Cost ~$600. The carts are reasonable and last a while. Controls were simple.

The new one is a Xerox M20. Cost a bundle, and you can only scan while directly connected on an USB cable. However, the document feeder has been behaving. It even handles thin thermal paper.

Laser for ze work with a 5000 page toner cartridge.

On the subject of laser printers and toner cartriges…

Laser Monks

Even for a home PC, unless you absolutely have to print colour, a laser is just the smarter buy. Especially for homes with students.

You can even get good colour laser printers for a few hundred bucks. There’s no excuse not to go laser these days.


I’m actually in the market for a low-cost laser printer for home.

The only real quirk that’s keeping me from buying the cheapest thing possible is that I’d love for it to be a network printer. I’d like to just leave it hooked up to my router via ethernet and just be able to send print jobs to it wirelessly whenever my laptop is home.

Any suggestions?

I have a brother MFC (fax/copy/printer) for home. It comes with an open slot, the interface card cost about $99, then add a big stick of ram to it. MFC-8440 for $217, shipped. Carts are about $50. It does NOT include the NIC.

It hasn’t managed to piss me off the last year. What pisses me off is the cost per page may be higher than HP. It’s still a fraction of inkjet, thought.

Had a couple of linksys printer thingajiggits. Those pissed me off. Had to be rebooted constantly.

The HL 2070N you have found looks like a really nice price! $150 WITH the NIC?

Another vote here for Brother laser printers. I had an old HL 760DX for about 7 or 8 years. Only changed the toner on it twice, maybe three times, and the drum unit once.

I just replaced it this boxing day when Best Buy had the newer HL 2040 on sale for $40 after MIR. Didja catch that? $40!!

Anyways, the HL 2040 is great. It’s fast and prints beautifully. I expect it to last for at least 5 or 7 years.

Inkjet is for chumps. Chumps with wives who like to print pictures of their kids. Though, even this chump has been successful in convincing his wife to take her pictures to the drug store/Wal-Mart to print them out there for $0.14 per.

If you don’t buy laser, AT LEAST avoid HP. 3-4 cartridge non-HP inkjets are
actually fairly cheap over time, but the premium on lasers is gained by not
changing ink cartridges every other week. Toner lasts longer per dollar.

I’ve had a few lasers and inkjets over the years and will always, in every case, recommend lasers over inkjets.

For lasers, the HP I had for 10 years was a top feeder (the paper fed perpendicular to the ground) that gave me endless problems. I do NOT suggest top feeders! The paper is more exposed to air, absorbing moisture over time, the paper bends from not sitting flush, and both of these caused endless jams and locks. The HP also gave me lots of other grief I won’t get into.

I now own a Brother bottom feeder laser (paper sits on same plane as the ground and lies in a tray that slides into the printer). I’ve had this printer for ~5 years and it hasn’t given me a single problem! I love this printer will all my heart! :)

I’m considering getting a color laser. Does anyone have any suggestions/experiences with color lasers, preferably from Brother (I dislike HP due to my last experience)? One with a separate black toner would be nice. I was hoping to keep it under $300 if possible.

I just ordered from NewEgg:


Has a network interface… looks like this is the one I could have gotten from Best Buy. Oh well. Fuck Best Buy and their fantastic savings.

Anyway, looked like the perfect fit for networked home use.