Last big Youtube overhaul removed "always play at highest quality" setting?

Are the rest of you forced to manually select a higher playback resolution on every single video since Youtube’s big overhaul on March 31st?
So now it always selects the lowest video quality even though I have option #2 selected.
We only have two options now that I can find:

* I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video.
* Choose my video quality dynamically based on the current connection speed.

So by the lack of resopnse looks like Google/Youtube took the “always play in highest resolution” option away? That sucks :(

Yeah. It’s annoying.

Probably too many yokels not understanding why their videos were stuttering.

Probably bandwidth considerations on their end too. If I follow a link to YouTube to watch some hot new movie trailer I’m going to bump it up as high as it’ll go. If I follow a link to watch some fat guy slip on the ice and fall, I’m fine with the low-res version. Since I’m lazy and have a good broadband connection, if you give me the choice I’ll set it to highest resolution always so I don’t have to make the effort when I go in to watch something whose resolution I care about. Fine for me but I’ll probably be burning like 4x or more of YouTube’s bandwidth than I will if you make me select the higher res version every time I actually care.

try this script with greasemonkey for firefox or just for chrome: