Last Epoch: ARPG somewhere between Path of Exile and Diablo.

Yeah, playing with a gamepad if I walk up to an item on the ground (where I get the prompt to press “A” to pick it up), it will compare it to what I have equipped. I don’t recall if there’s a setting for it or not, I don’t remember turning one on but if I did it was probably quite a while ago and I’ve forgotten about.

I am tired of the game zooming in and out when trying to pick up loot on the ground. want to unbind the zoom from the dpad.

It must be a setting because mine definitely doesn’t do that. That plus your loot filter would probably take care of my inventory gripes.

Is that with item comparisons always on in the settings?

I can’t get over how much I love skill upgrade trees in arpgs now. They can really change the nature of the skill, creates direct synergies with other skills or companions/ transformations, and makes you think about how to create a combination of skills and upgrades that will make you stupidly strong.

Seeing the notification that i can upgrade a skill is even nicer than levelling up in this game.

Anyone know the level cap? Up to my late 30s at the moment (which is sadly true in real life as well).

100, if I’m not mistaken.

Yup, 100.

I’m messing around with an acolyte. Mowing things down at level 20 with hungering souls primarily.

Has anybody tried the dungeons that need a key since the update? Particularly if offline. I ran Lightless Arbor and it let me respawn in the boss room 3 times when previously it was one death and you’re out, but it wasn’t clear if it was a bug or not. I didn’t want to take any chances dying more times only to find out it’s an intentional limit on lives… those keys aren’t easy to find ;)

How does one get a key for dungeons?

They drop in Monolith maps, as do the Arena keys which are also available as echo rewards.

I got my only dungeon key before I hit monoliths (the only key I got running my first timeline was an arena key as an echo reward). Haven’t used either.

Ah, not sure I’ve even seen a monolith map, but I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you!

You will know when you get there. The story ends a bit abruptly. Possible to get a key earlier, but no idea if attempting to use it is wise.

If you want to visit the Monolith early (before finishing the main story chapters), go to The End of Time and keep walking right.

I was struggling yesterday to figure out the minion team I wanted. Skeleton Mages feel very underwhelming. But I think I have settled on Bone Golem with two wraiths and that is working quite nicely. It will be fun to eventually spec the golem, but for now he works great stock.

As far as I could tell this doesn’t level adjust and you’ll be way under leveled for it if you do that then, right? Or am I missing some way I could have actually done it without being slaughtered?

The first monolith is level 58. Depending on your build, that might be reasonable quite a bit earlier than that. As you get higher level, you tend to be able to do things in quite a bit higher level range. It’s slower going, but doable. Beyond (I think) 5 levels higher than your character level you don’t get more xp, though, so it’s purely for the hell of it.

@krushnine I’ve played a whole bunch of these games over the years. This ranks among the very best.

Once I figured out this acolyte build, it started steamrolling. My sentinel was fun, but the damage output feels a good bit stronger and there’s much more safety too (not melee, tanky minions, lots of ward). I wasn’t sure for a while there that I would finish leveling, but now I can’t stop, lol.

The “compare to equipped” option is 100% what I was looking for, why on earth is that not on by default. I was on the fence about returning this one because the loot experience on the deck (which is where I plan to play this) was so awful, but that combined with the loot filters is night and day.

Although I was thinking about it this morning and I wish there was an ARPG where you play the villain. This kind of thing is perfect for an Iratus-style story. You’re some long sealed away Necromancer or what have you and you gradually become this unstoppable force, killing all the heroes who come against you, until you finally beat the chosen one and ascend to dark majesty.