Last Epoch: ARPG somewhere between Path of Exile and Diablo.

Stop playing games with my heart, Mr. Rubin!

I shall endeavor to stop dragging your heart around. Sir.

So I just started doing this and wow it’s fun. Is this gonna be part of the endgame stuff? I could see it lasting eons.

Yeah, that and the dungeons and arena.

Ohhhhh I’ll have to try dungeons next.

i dunno, for me freeze + fireball/hydra had plenty of oomph

Do you mean that these dungeons are meant for lvl 100 or close to? I dont know whether I as a level 40ish person should be looking around for keys somewhere.

This game still rocks.

The primary thing this thread has done is get me to go back to trying Grim Dawn on the Xbox. The controller interface in the inventory is so good. They should have just copied that!

Just post-campaign. You find the keys primarily in the Monolith. I haven’t been running them myself yet as I’m still trying out 76 different alts, so I’m not sure how the scaling works.

The dungeons have four tiers; the first one should be winnable at the level keys start dropping. You actually have to beat the lower tiers to unlock the higher ones anyway so it’s probably better to do one earlier if you get a key so you don’t have to ‘waste’ it later on low level loot.

D3, GD, D4, and Inquisitor Martyr all do inventory fine on gamepad, weird they botched it so badly on this.

I’m hopeful they’ll work out gamepad inventory before 1.0.

Not sure about the others, but did D3 and GD have good gamepad support on version 0.9 (or even 1.0)? Not from what I can recall. The times have changed, but personally I think it’s one of those things that devs have an excuse for leaving around the proper launch. Or maybe I have misread how many people want to play this when not near a keyboard for easy switching for the inventory tetris.

Does this mean the actual combat is fun on it’s own, not just busywork to level up your character? (Honest question, not being snarky)

I think it’s fun but it doesn’t make ARPG combat more engaging in a significant way. There is no twitch rolls or anything like Hades / Dark Souls type of stuff, it is all about general positioning to avoid AOEs and then going through the relevant skill order to maximise DPs for that particular situation.

On my recent playthroughs, dungeon keys to Lightless Arbor has begun dropping around level 40 - Seeing as I am playing a Hardcore character, I’m rather wary trying out something that would kill me surely. Do you have idea how those dungeons and Hardcore characters interact? Same rules, or different?

Indeed they have, and D3 is what changed them. It still doesn’t do gamepad on PC, but it was the console launch of D3 that made many people realize that click to move sucked and “stick-to-move” was the way of the future for ARPGs. I don’t think Grim Dawn did have gamepad support at launch, which makes their implementation of it all the more impressive, since so many indie devs end up half-assing controller support somewhere down the line.

To be fair, the games you listed have all launched on consoles (or in case of D4, simultaneous launch here shortly) which predicates full controller support. This is still early access where the controller support has been incrementally improved along the way, so I would expect more work in that area. That said, they do consider controller support for the game to be Partial rather than Supported (in terms of Steam listing).

Doesn’t mean that it’ll be as good as GD at launch, but then I’m pretty sure GD didn’t get good gamepad support until their console launch? That’s my recollection anyway, but maybe I’m misremembering.

IIRC GD got gamepad support far into its life cycle.

but also way before the console release, same with martyr

edit: also I just don’t know why you would half ass implement it either when there are plenty of examples to draw from on how to do it better. Games often do this like they are afraid of copying any ideas, yet they blatantly copy others. If UI or control stuff works, steal the concept.