Last Epoch: ARPG somewhere between Path of Exile and Diablo.

Anyone else playing on multiple machines having a cloud sync issue? I played a bit on my laptop yesterday, and now my desktop can’t sync the files from the cloud.

A patch dropped yesterday (0.9f) which mentions a fix for issues causing ‘large online save data rollbacks’ - maybe that was your issue?

I dunno, both copies are patched as far as I know.

I don’t think I’ve seen this. But thinking on it, since my character is an Online character, it likely doesn’t have to sync much beyond changes to the game settings and that sort of thing rather than character save files that are frequently changing.

I’m at work so don’t have a link on hand, but via the Steam website you can view and muck around with the cloud save files. I remember doing so once when I had a game get stuck in a situation like you describe. You can also likely blow out the local cloud files on your desktop which should pull down fresh from the cloud. Alas, I don’t have my gaming PC on hand to recall how/where that is done either, so I’m really not being of much help!

I finally got it fixed. Started both clients (laptop, then desktop) and all was well.

I jumped into this because of playing D4 last weekend. Level 20 now and other than dodging a few beams I haven’t had to move much at all, I think less than in D4. And while I have crafted two mods onto gear I think I’d still be streamrolling everything anyway. Reading up a bit there seems like a lot of depth to the crafting, when does it start to matter?

If you’re level 20 it won’t be long before you start dying. Then it will matter. :)

I just unlocked mastery and chose necromancer. this seems to fit with what ive been doing, which is look for skills that add minions, minion damage, and minion health. my gear is mostly magic or rare with some sort of boost to minions and nonevof my resists is over 40%. should i be looking for more resists or more health/armor/ward or just more minion damage? and what sort of items should i start with? despite reading a couple of crafting guides i really dont understand this yet.


I say take anything that helps your minions, be it damage, health, health regen, etc etc.

I found a shard and opened up the crafting window and put my axe in but I can’t find any way to apply this shard to the axe or any reason I couldn’t. What am I missing?

is it time to start shattering items with those mods? and should i be adding them to blues or yellows or?

I usually only shatter stuff that doesn’t give as good a buff, so I get stuff to use to upgrade stuff I get later that does.

Click the empty suffix slot. It’s the (+) below Chance to Bleed On Hit, on the right hand side.

I believe it pulls all the crafting mats from your storage, so make sure to deposit them (there’s a button right above your inventory to do so).

So I love how your progress in the monolith maps is saved. Wanna take a break from the story? Do some monolithing and come back later. Done with monolithing? Go back to the story. Very, very nice. Don’t know if I’ve yet seen a key for the dungeons though.

I just noticed this was changed to 10 levels in 0.9.

Some of the monolith echo rewards are keys.

It’s silly but I forgot to pick up both monolith rewards when I came out of them the first few times.

@Kolbex If what @KevinC said doesn’t work it may be that shard is for a Prefix slot. I can’t tell from looking at it if it’s a Prefix or Suffix shard. You only have a Suffix slot available.

i finally realized that the different timelines have different levels. it seems i still have unfinished quests in lower level timelines. should i loop back and do them or focus on the hardest zone Ive unlocked.?

This is what I was missing. When I did what you suggested (or dragged and dropped the shard into the slot) it popped up a search window that said “no materials matching your search parameters found in crafting inventory” or something like that. Not super intuitive! I’ve got the thing right here, just take it!

It says “affix shard,” so I assume it’s good for both.

Someone in the game chat called me to the fact that the quests list their rewards. Unfortunately, it looks like I will need to go back and do this one.