Last Epoch: ARPG somewhere between Path of Exile and Diablo.

Grim Dawn is clearly one of the games that heavily influenced Last Epoch. The class trees function very similarly, with the exception that you don’t seem to get any base stats at all by investing points. I just love the way those class trees interact with the specialization system to provide a wealth of options without feeling completely overwhelming.

Oh yeah. I’m leveling up a Spellblade (around L55 now) and there are so many synergies between certain ability specialization options and the passive tree for the Spellblade. I’m having such a hard time deciding on what to spend my precious points on, I want them all.

It doesn’t have GD’s base class points investment (which I don’t really like, because it’s boring compared to investing points in skills), but some of the class nodes do things like “+health, +mana” etc. in addition to other things.

I still need to give LE more time, but I almost prefer the class points in GD to the very similar early passive skills in LE. Ultimately they are both pretty basic and boring stat increases but with Grim Dawn I don’t have to choose between three boring stat increases, it’s just, put more points into it to unlock later skills or put points into skills. The passives do get more interesting in LE as you hit later ones in your base class and your mastery class, at least. Part of the problem right now in LE for me is that I have to mouse over them every time to remember what they do, but for some reason in GD the way the skill trees were laid out meant it was much easier for me to remember what a lot of the nodes did without needing to re-examine them.

That’s all true. Really I just feel that attributes (health, mana, “physique” et all in GD) should just increase at some rate with level, done. I don’t want to worry about it. It’s a holdover from pen and paper RPGs and is not a very interesting thing to think about.

Although actually do the character attributes (physique, et al again) in GD actually do anything but gate gear? If so, ditch them and just do it by level, in my opinion (or hell, maybe not at all…if a piece of gear is too strong for the point I’m at in the game…don’t drop it!).

Yeah, this is really the case for me in my Spellblade right now. There are some really enticing interactions with fire auras, elemental bursts, and ignite throughout the passive tree that then become even more interesting with some skill customization via the specialization system. And that’s just for Fire, lightning and cold builds have their own things going on.

My memory is pretty dodgy these days, but yes I’m pretty sure the stats had impact beyond the gating of gear.

Oh! The actual character attributes you increase from your character screen in Grim Dawn? Yeah, those can die. I was referring to the class upgrade points that unlock further tiers of the skill tree and also boost your base attributes.

Yes, they do. The two that aren’t strength each boost different damage types(the magic one also boosts mana). At some point they gave those two attribute points +health with every point too as I believe the accepted thing to do was always just dump all points into strength to get max health unless you needed to put some points in the others to unlock equipment. Obviously they missed the obvious sign that they should just kill off the manual attribute increases. Hopefully they figure that out for their next ARPG that they better absolutely be working on already.

Yeah, I know. For me they are both uninteresting busywork.

Is this the game that banned inactive players?

Nope that was Lost Ark not Epoch, sorry.

What about Last Ark, though, what have those guys done for me lately?

Loast Epark

D4’s art and sound are best-in-class. They nailed that. D4 also has some limited chararacter customization. Last Epoch is better at everything else.

  • D4’s skills are few in number, with very limited customization. LE has a zillion skills, each with a complete tree

  • D4’s combat feels strangely tame, unimpactful. LE feels like an action game. It just has more oomph

  • D4’s endgame is evidently dungeons, which are pretty samey and few in number. LE has more dungeons than D4, and they’re not even the primary endgame.

I didn’t cancel my D4 preorder or anything. It looks like a good game. LE is a better one, however.

Okay, so maybe I’m not totally crazy for having the same feeling! At least, not crazy in one respect. :) It surprised me, I thought that’s where D4 was going to excel.

Heh, watch, this week’s open beta will feel completely different.

Stop playing games with my heart, Mr. Rubin!

I shall endeavor to stop dragging your heart around. Sir.

So I just started doing this and wow it’s fun. Is this gonna be part of the endgame stuff? I could see it lasting eons.

Yeah, that and the dungeons and arena.

Ohhhhh I’ll have to try dungeons next.

i dunno, for me freeze + fireball/hydra had plenty of oomph