Last Epoch: ARPG somewhere between Path of Exile and Diablo.

The new cycle starts Tuesday.

Summary: evade mechanic, Harbingers and Pinnacle Boss, endgame non-item faction, Nemesis encounters and The Egg of the Forgotten (can upgrade a Unique to have Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will), Gaze of Orobyss changes to improve endgame & party progression in Monoliths.

Some highlights:

  • On first launch after updating to 1.1, all keybinds will be reset to default. This only happens once, further launches should keep any custom keybind changes.
  • Bosses no longer have a variable amount of damage reduction based on how quickly they have been taking damage. Instead bosses have a number of ward breakpoints.
  • New crafting item Glyph of Envy, particularly useful for going through Non-Empowered Timelines quickly on alt characters.
  • Characters will not always load into End Of Time after reaching it, but instead will load the last visited town scene.
  • Added a waypoint to Sanctum of the Architect so that if you die, quit, or disconnect during the Liath or Lagon fights you don’t have to rerun the whole Temple of Lagon and Temple Depths zones.
  • You can now filter for Unique items with specific Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will values
  • Character Stats menu added additional stats for each category
  • Added a search box to the Timeline map with buttons for common reward searches.
  • Blessings are now stored on your character and can be swapped around via a respec vendor NPC in the End of Time for a small gold fee. Blessing stash can be accessed by your alternate characters.
  • Most channeled skills which prevented mana regeneration while channeling have been changed. They no longer prevent mana regeneration, but 8 mana has been added to their channel cost.
  • Many skill, class passive, affix, item, filter, and faction changes.
  • 6 zones have new music.
  • Added 30 new Uniques
  • Fixed an issue where chat preferences weren’t saved and didn’t persist after logging back in.

I’ll probably skip this one. The dodge roll is cool, but what I’m really looking for is some reworks/updates to some of the older masteries and give them a spin at that point.

The dodge roll is a big win. If there’s new content I might jump back in.

There’s new enemy encounters and extra bosses in the monolith but not new content in terms of quests.

They did rework Forge Guard and Sorcerer got some decent buffs, although I was really hoping they’d do more with the skills themselves instead of a bunch of (needed, but not flashy) passive changes.

A sequel, in two acts. Totally broken again, nobody can zone into the first town. These guys really need to work on their scaling.

I couldn’t figure out why my character had terrible stats… turns out the conversion to Legacy didn’t include carrying over item faction progress, so he can’t equip most of his gear anymore.


EDIT: Turns out there’s a button on the stash you need to press to get your faction progress, crafting materials, etc. from the Cycle data. So it’s unintuitive, not broken.

I might try a Warlock or Falconeer this season since they seem to be the most well designed.

After playing the Spellblade, it is shockingly low on actual build options as all the attack skills are on the same cooldown.

Warlock is supposed to be extremely good now. Falcon was nerfed but still viable if you love the fantasy of it.