Last Exile Vol 2 due out soon

I can’t wait, this is a fantastic series. Anyone else following this one?

I watched part of an episode. Couldn’t dig it.

While we’re on the subject of new shows, keep an eye out for Lunar Legend Tsukihime, which may or may not be retitled Moon Princess for the US release. Absolutely amazing.

Yeah, I took a gamble and bought the first volume in December. I thought it was really, really good. I’m not wild about the CG used for the airship the kids drive, but the story’s got a lot of potential.

I watched up to episode 10 on fansub, and it picks up quite a bit. I mostly like the big airship battles.

Great series, looking forward to volume 2.

Just finished Berserk the other night. Possibly my favorite series ever.

Haven’t yet, but probably will. I mean, steampunk. Can’t go wrong with steampunk (well, you can, but eh).


IMHO, it goes downhill from there on. Despite the cool retro art style and some individually good episodes, the last third of the series was a huge letdown story-wise. You may want to watch the whole thing fansubbed before investing in the DVDs…


Last Exile is fantastic. Yeah, it goes downhill in the last third, but downhill from “fucking incredible” is still “really super awesome,” isn’t it?

Buy the DVDs, experience Gonzo spending way too much money on an anime series.

Ill get the dvds, if I liked bubblegum crisis 2040’s story im sure I can deal with LE’s ;)

I dunno. I really felt cheated by the last few episodes. Sorry if I sound so critical - I really enjoyed the first part of this series, but felt like it fell apart at the end big-time. Here’s hoping GONZO pulls an Evangelion and decides to re-do the last few episodes some day as a movie or something.


[color=white]Big unanswered questions:

  1. Who and what, exactly, are the guild? Why did they still have so much access to technology everyone else had lost?

  2. Why did Delphine want to control Exile so badly? What did it do? Why was Alvis so important to her since the Hamilton fragment of the Exile poem basically just made it wake up and fly away?


Deeo’s death was really cheap. Having him fall to his death, in what amounted to an accident, just sucked.

How did Delphine manage to get strangled to death on the bridge of her own flagship by a half-dead man? I mean, she dissolved Luciola with just a touch…

How the hell does Moran return from the dead in the final scene of the last episode???[/color]