Last-minute Hitch-Hikers' poll

With 48 hours to go before release…

I abstained.

There should have been an option for “They won’t get it completely right, but it will be worth the $8”.

Damn, there was a third option for “42” but it didn’t show up.

My optimist heart is the one that voted, but my pessimist brain is doing a good job of keeping my expectations in check. I have to say from the Vogon pictures that were released a few months ago, while it looks like they went a different way than I would’ve imagined, it worked. Regardless of how good or bad it is, I still have a spot reserved for it on my DVD shelf, 'cuz I’m that big of a loser fanboi.

I think this is probably how its gonna be. Not completely faithful, but quick and weird enough to be worth seeing.

I think it will be “wrong” enough for the die hards to make the fuss over LOTR look like a storm in a teacup, but will otherwise be an entertaining film

Yeah, but the diehards don’t like anything. They seem to watch movies solely to point out the inconsistencies with the books they’re based on.

Yup. This feels like it’s going to be a fine “re-imagining” of the series…

I saw a SPOILER on TV last night…

EDIT: Fixed the spoiler thingie.

You got the right idea Andrew, but put the spoiler in a quote tag, like so…

See, now there’s no way that could be a joke straight from the books, but done right, it could an absolutely hilarious in-joke. fingers-crossed

Am I the only guy in his mid-thirties who played D&D and videogames and reads fantasy and SF who has not read Douglas Adams? The answer to that is a resounding yes.

Wait, me too. Ok, I didn’t actually play D&D but I wanted to steal my friends little orcs and goblin men and I did play with plastic army men.

Wait, me too. Ok, I didn’t actually play D&D but I wanted to steal my friends little orcs and goblin men and I did play with plastic army men.[/quote]

And, actually, I did not know people who played regularly, I just bought the Basic set and then AD&D books and played by myself making modules and creating characters. My wife loves that story.

The trailers look good if a bit British.

I voted yes. I’m keeping hope alive.

I’m all of the above as well. The only reason I’m going to see the movie is because my girlfriend just read the book and loved it.

Edit: Actually, I’m in my early-thirties. Close enough.

Read the book, you clowns. It takes about a day and a half to read the first book.

Read the book? Books are expensive and “money doesn’t grow on trees” you know! Well except in the book.

I’m going to read my copy again. I don’t recall laughing out loud while reading a book as much as I did when I read Hitchhiker’s Guide. Good Times.

62% on Rotten Tomatoes.


remember to bring your towels.

I voted yes, but hollywood can always disapoint.
the trailer about trailers got me excited.

Everyone hasn’t checked in yet… Let’s see what it looks like over there tomorrow.

Just saw the movie tonight. My wife was totally confused (she hasn’t read the books) but I personally loved the film. It is a bit compressed and some stuff has been shuffled around but overall I got a good laugh out of it.

My score ? Better than I expected it to be but I still prefer the characters from the original British TV series.