Last minute surprise

I wonder if either side is going to try a last minute surprise?

Last election the Democrats threw up a Bush DUI in the 11th hour.

Will they try that again?

Or will the Republicans run their own dirty trick?

Or maybe both at once?

The biggest reality show is only 2 days away…

Actually, Fox News likes to trumpet that it broke the Bush DUI thing, though all the actual research work was due to a reporter at a Fox affiliate station in Maine.

Oh, ok, I stand corrected.

Time to get Osama ready for his Lice inspection!

You’re shitting me - FOX did that? And to think a friend of mine and I were laughing today about what a great dirty trick that was.

Roger Aimes, head of Fox News, and Carl “I write fakes stories mocking John Kerry in my spare time” Cameron claim credit for it.

The reason is that way they can say: “Look, we broke one story against Bush. We must be fair and balanced.”

The incident was first reported by Fox News, based on a report prepared by a local affiliate in Maine. Bush, who was 30 years old at the time, said he had chosen to keep the incident private, but his hand was forced by the news outlets.