Last Week Tonight on HBO

I didn’t see the one from tonight yet but I did watch the premier from last week, today. I thought it was hilarious. I laughed myself to tears once. Worth 30 minutes of your time.

I saw it tonight, but I’m not sure whether it was a rerun or the new episode. Was the premiere the one with the Indian election?

It’s now Monday morning, and I don’t understand why HBO refuses to put the latest episode on Go, especially since every other HBO show appears within minutes of when it starts airing on the East Coast. All they have is last week’s episode. It’s mystifying.

I was wondering that as well. I ended up taping the 1:30AM airing so I can watch it tonight.

The first one was the Indian election, the second one was the death penalty one.

John Oliver’s show aired a call to action for internet trolls and YouTube commenters to smash the FCC’s site for Net Neutrality.

“We’re still experiencing technical difficulties with our comment system,” the FCC said on Twitter. “Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.”

This is a great show and everyone should see it. Oliver doesn´t just make fun of stuff, he presents information, and when he does go for the jugular he does it in a brilliant way (see for example the segment about GM recalls). It´s amazing.

Here it is
The fake ad at the end? perfect.

I appreciate both that and the much more news-comedy focused format. I love the Daily Show and all, but the part I really enjoy is the news portion. The other segments they do just aren’t nearly as interesting. The interviews come closest, admittedly, since Jon Stewart is a great interviewer, but they’re mostly booked as a way to promote something or other the guest is involved with at the moment (not unlike the similar segments on various late night comedy shows) and it’s often not terribly relevant to the theme of the show. Oliver sometimes does interviews, but the guests have mostly been relevant to what he was talking about on that show, and they’re usually very brief with extended versions online if you want to seek them out. (I did with Fareed Zakaria and Pepe Julien Onzima, but kinda felt like the essential nature of the interviews with Keith Alexander and Stephen Hawking had been expressed in the cut version of those.)

It really is a great show. They really use that extra time of being a weekly show instead of a daily show to go in-depth on issues. I originally only got cable for the World Cup, and just happened to get 3 free months of HBO with it, but now I don’t want to stop the cable until my 3 free months are up. Even then, it will be hard because HBO has a lot of good stuff, the most time-relevant of which is Last Week Tonight.

We’ve also been REALLY enjoying Last Week Tonight, as Oliver and crew do a GREAT job of not only being entertaining, but in-depth and engaging with their stories as well. It’s a great mix.

I catch it now and then when it´s late and I happen to pass thru HBO. Otherwise I just marathon the vids on youtube.

He is not afraid of really going after his baddies. AND he actually calls on his audience to act on it as well, all while being funny. Magnificent stuff.

Oh and did any of you catch the episode where he read the letter he received from POM? he had taken them to task for selling bullshit, and they responded with a magnificently written, fun and sarcastic as hell letter, they should take the person who wrote that and inmediatly give her/him a big pay raise.

Here it is

And a case of POM, too. Don’t forget that.

A mini fridge filled with the stuff, mind you haha.

I don’t think that segment was actually on an episode…I am pretty sure I have caught them all and I didn’t see that, do they have web only content?

But yeah, this show is fantastic. Interesting and hilarious. I never watched the Daily Show because it was just too left for me, so I don’t know what his work there was like, but he is great in this role.

Yeah, the response letter is web exclusive. There’s also a followup on the geckos segment, and expanded interviews with the interview guests, among other things. It’s all on their Youtube channel.

I just started watching this, it’s fucking brilliant. I was blown away by this episode about government surveillance:

Seriously, watch that if you haven’t already, it’s remarkably well produced, funny and educational.

I think I love Snowden now.

I mean, the excised bit with passwords was amazing. Including his suggestion: margaretthatcheris110%SEXY as an awesome password.

There’s more beyond what was on the show? I’ll have to go look that up now.

Yeah we’ve binge-watched both seasons (so far) over the last few days. At first there was some egregious nudity and swearing just to prove that they aren’t network TV, but they seemed to have toned that down pretty quickly. It took 6 or so episodes to find the right tone, but IMO has developed into excellent journalism with a side of satire. Or maybe the reverse depending on the story.

This year’s episode on for-profit misdemeanor fines and the recent one with Snowden on surveillance were especially strong, Better and more serious longer-form journalism than the daily show which spawned it.


There was literally one episode where he was like “hey, we’re on HBO, let’s show some nudity” (mostly wrinkly old man cock) to be funny and I don’t think there’s been any since. But there’s certainly been swearing if you’re bothered by that.