Last Week Tonight on HBO


Oh no. It’s not that I mind the nudity or swearing. It’s just that I don’t think it was really the point of the show or its strength.


There’s plenty of swearing on the Daily Show. It just gets bleeped.


Or not, depending on when it airs. I’ve found that they often don’t bleep the re-runs.




Love this show - the sex ed episode was excellent. Though the end result of watching every time is that I’m sad for the state of the world overall.


Hooray, Sling is having a free HBO weekend so I can catch up on the last couple of months of Last Week Tonight. The weekly news portion, anyway. Themain stories are already on my watch-on-YouTube-occasionally list.


This show is so good. Glad it’s been successful.

Enjoy your free weekend :-D


This show is singularly responsible for me keeping HBO, and also me keeping Time Warner Cable around. I just can’t let go. Such a great show.


I find that most of it is posted on Youtube. Am I missing anything?


I need to set my alarm to try to get tickets to this. What’s the point of living near NYC if you can’t see your favorite shows in person???


It’s mostly a specific segment that’s posted on their official channel. You can find the other segments on other channels though.


That’s the main segment, which is usually the bulk of the show and certainly the really compelling part. But you do miss out on brief news commentary and such.


Such a great episode tonight. I was laughing so hard. The show is always informative, but it hasn’t made me laugh much lately.

By the way, I only caught the CBS morning show a couple of times recently, and they didn’t just cherry pick those scenes. Even the two times I saw it, the interaction between the two hosts is hilarious to watch.


8 more days…season 4!


Its soooo good to have it back on. Anyone else watch? A good portion of the episode is up on youtube.


I liked it, but I’m hoping he doesn’t do a main story on Trump again for a long time. It’s not that I disliked it, but I miss his heavily researched main stories most of all.


Don’t have the link handy, but he apparently said that he couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room that is Trump for his first episode back, but since so many other outlets continually cover Trump, that he was going to maintain his deep dives on other topics moving forward.


This was fantastic:


I agree.