Last Week Tonight on HBO

Having watched it this morning, I’d say the latter.

It’s the first time I’ve actually stopped watching when John Oliver told me to stop watching his video. This time I listened.

This has been renewed for 3 more seasons, to 2026.

Love this detail re. AT&T:

All full episodes of the show are being uploaded to YT. Season 1 is up now.

It should be a good excuse to rewatch older episodes. I’m curious how they age. Back in the days of my near limitless DVR/cable in the 2000s, I used to record The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The Daily Show, if it got older than a week, I just didn’t like watching it even if I’d never seen it. It felt like old news being joked about, which just didn’t seem as funny a month or even a week later.

But the Colbert Report? Man, that shit was gold even almost a year later, because most of his segments didn’t even bring up current affairs, but mostly joked about topics in a more broad way. That was just wonderful. I ended up watching every single episode on the DVR, none deleted without watching first.

Most of Last Week Tonight is deep dives on particular topics so the only reason they wouldn’t still be relevant is if we as a society ever fixed any of our problems.

No clip yet because of the delay in posting to YouTube, but John addressed this tonight.