Last words

The last statements of every prisoner executed in Texas since 1982:

Some of the more colourful ones:

Kelsey Patterson
Edward Ellis
Monty Delk

The last meals one is more interesting. Any of these stand out that you’ve seen? I expected to see mostly prayers, asking for forgiveness, apologizing, and pleas of innocence. That’s all I’ve found.

I told you I was hardcore.

Number 42, G. W. Green: “Let’s do it, man. Lock and load. Ain’t life a [expletive deleted]?”

Yes I do. Sir, in honor of a true American hero. “let’s roll”. Lord Jesus receive my spirit.

This guy

Let’s roll!

Delk sure was a scumbag, they should have killed him twice.

Patterson, though. Sheesh, the guy was clearly insane. There was even a precedent, whe he’d shot another dude (who lived) and didn’t stand trial due to mental incompentence. Welcome to Texas.

Monty Delk was one of death row’s most notorious inmates. Prison officials said that he showered without removing his coveralls or using soap, and that his personal odor was so offensive, he had to be segregated from the other inmates so as to avoid making them ill. In interviews, he claimed to be over 129 years old, having previously been a district judge and a submarine commander. Prosecutors and prison psychiatrsts claimed he was malingering to avoid the death penalty.